Wednesday, August 13, 2008

8/13 - Bait...Better late than never.

The story on the street is that there is bait around close. IE: Pogies. And not far away is good kingfish action. And not far away is Tarpon. Another word on the street is that the Tarpon are again being spotted rolling at the jetties. And the big Spinner Sharks are spinning.

I haven't seen a Tarpon along the rocks since July.

I'll have to just go make my own report, real soon. Kids back to school, vacation time basically is over. And now bait shows up on the beach. And no one wants to gooooo try????

Recieved this email from a reader:

Hey I read on your blog you heard there was tarpon action at the jetties. I finally got to get out on a boat with a buddy last weekend(saturday) and he got me on my first TARPOON. We went to the jetties, lots of people catching big reds but I hooked a tarpon on 8" mullet. First ever.. it was like.. my cherry was popped and now I'm an addict. Fought it for 35 minutes saw it jump, got close to the boat and snapped the line! My buddy guessed it was near 100lbs. It was huge. Anyway, just figured I'd tell ya. Had a hell of time!

On another subject, I set up two Kingfish rods and reels with "lead-core" to try it, since I don't have down riggers. Figured if it was good enough for 40 pound Salmon, it's good enough for a "beach slimey".

Plus wanted to try the lead-core for trolling areas of the ICW, for Trout this fall.

But, that water temp put the kybosh to all that. Have never even tried it out yet. Maybe, I can get out there and give it a try now without just wasting time. The S.E. hole was quite fired up before the first shot of that cold water came on in.

Was hoping for a Cobia during some chum fishing excursions. But the only one that ever swam up to the boat was a tiny lil' 2 footer that hung around while I jigged bait on a spot, back in late June.
So, if things are turning around a bit (bait & water temp), there's alot of catching up to do.

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