Monday, August 11, 2008

8/11 - Buying the "LOT"...saves you $$

I know, because I didn't fall from the fish delivery truck last night. Everyone wants rods with reels. Don't know how many times I sold a rod and people ask what reel comes with it?
None!!!!!!! Did I say the word reel??

So this time I'll say; REELS.......REELS, too.

The (2)-8'2" G. Loomis Green water rods, and (2)-7'6" Okuma Guide select rods with (4)-Abu Garcia 6500 Chrome Rocket reels - Bargain at: $550.00 "I must be NUTZ!"

Contact me at: or call (904) 642-9546 (8am-8pm only, please)

SOLD - SOLD - SOLD - 8/13

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