Sunday, August 3, 2008

8/3 - GREEN from Envy.

The water's off Long Island NY, are warmer than it is here!!

And here's a Big Black Sea Bass taken from there, enough to make any N.E. Florida bottom bumper "green-headed" with envy. (We call 'em green heads when they get that big)

Caught on a fellow members boat, from up yonder. After they caught his 1st Marlin, on his Birthday!! (I see big ole Sea-Biscuit's and I get excited!)

Wow. I'll take my allowable "10" of these...on a butterfly jig, and call it a day, thank you!

Here's another topic to make you, I mean me.... "Green with Envy" .

I'd put my money if I had any, on this boat. 34' of solid 1/4" Aluminum Alloy Plate!! A Yellowfin and Contender eating machine.
"The RockSalt 34"
No playing bumper boats at the Kingfish tournament
weigh-in's with this bad boy.

Unless ya' wanna get hurt. (

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