Monday, August 4, 2008

8/4 - Tarpon #1 of 2008

Well....since I had just a blast on Saturday's (8/2) charter, so much that I never even did a report about it. I did the opposite, today with Marty & Ken. The river water's even cool, and the ocean water is even cooler.

To quote Jerry Sienfeld, "This isn't good for anybody."

This thermocline thang isn't doing us any favors, that's for sure.

So we went hunting 80+ degree water today. And went to an area I don't fish much at all, because I don't have too. The ICW. (Intra-Coastal waterway)
I do have a few spots where I've caught some Trout, Drum, and Reds. But they certainly weren't there today. Because on two of them we never even lost a live shrimp or a mud minnow!

So we just kept working south.

In a nut shell the fella's caught a few Mangrove snappers, a lil puppy Black Drum, and a mini Tarpon.

These lil' dudes were all over one spot. Just swimming around, totally ignoring or savory live shrimp.

They'd roll, they wake wakes, they spook and shoot across the surface of the water. But never leave the comfort of one particular area.

Damn, I love N.E. Florida Tarpon!! (sarcasm)

And that was about it. Just one, made the mistake of gobbling a sprightly "local" shrimp under a cork.

Oh the water was warm, alright, 81 degrees. And Ken and Marty were looking as if they were about to fall out from the blistering afternoon heat. Accompanied by the lack of any breeze, down yonder. I fare very well in hot weather and I have to admit, it was stifling.

So with all that excitement. We came back to Mayport (Ahhh...I'm home!) And I saw a shrimp boat coming in the river, so we went out in Lake Atlantic where the air was cool, and the ocean water temp was a steamy 74-76 degrees and chased a few shrimp boats we found dragging out there.

One hook up on a smoker shark. Only to have it come off the circle hook. I kept trying and trying, to get another. Running and gunning up to the boats, but we never had another big bite. So we headed in, after one long hot summer day.

(right about now, I'm starting to have day dreams of chilly December mornings along the jetty rocks.)

Here's another pic of Poon #1, and may be the only one in '08?? It was a cute lil' bugger.

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