Thursday, August 7, 2008

8/6 - Tarpon try....

Had a great group of folks aboard. The Springer Family.
They've been coming down to J-ville beach for years and have chum fished many times before.
And were recommended to me by a family member that I have spoken to a few times, over the years.

It was a very late notice, call with not a lot of heads-up, but I made some arrangements to get some chum from a shrimper. So we could target some Tarpon & Sharks, inshore. And they were up for it.

Let me set the scene......

We've been experiencing 74 degree ocean temps, with a afternoon high of maybe 76-77. Rather than the primo, 83 degrees. Tarpon water? Not hardly! But, I've caught them inshore alson when the water temp was the same. It's just not this year that this is happening, it's almost every summer it seems.

Per my report from 8/5, I tried with the Rudy crew, the day before. But had higher hopes because everything was arranged before hand for more chum. And I was going to try a differrent area.

So we left out at 7am. Chum pick-up was at 9am. And we found plenty of shrimpers working the chum-hole. We did some run & gun behind them first off, and caught two Blacknoses, right off the bat. (smaller, but very speedy sharks) Just as a warmer-upper. John (son) and Hayden, (daughter) caught these two.

We met up with a shrimper working the beach, very close-in. And he really set us up. My chum bag was so heavy I could barely get it up on just my swim platform on the transom of the boat. It was just the ticket for all day assault on the warmer inshore waters.

But the tale of the tape....or more like the chum bag was, not a single POGIE. And my chum came from the beach. Which really hammers home what a no bait summer this has really been, so far. Personally, I believe that having schools of POGIES are an integral part of the overall status of our inshore (coastal) fishery. Yeah, yeah....they maybe in the canals, Mill Cove, or 25 miles up river. But, that doesn't mean crap for the coastal areas. Where Sharks, Tarpon, big Jacks, Cobia, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, usually roam.

Remember fish are "COLD BLOODED CREATURES" . And they go where the food is.

So with the Springer family, and a 100 pounds of fresh chum I took off for a long ride to the only place I've ever caught Tarpon during the summer when the water temp is cold. It's a long ride from in front of the old Sea Turtle Inn, where my chum came from.

Yesterday, 8/5's report. Gave me hope, to at least stretch a string. But there was a big difference. We at least had "some" action.

First spot. Nothing but a monster Stingray and a small Blacktip shark.

Second spot. Nothing but a few skates, and a small Blacktip shark.

As far as a weather difference. We had a good breeze from the North West, today. Versus yesterday's slick calm, no wind, and absolutely intense heat.

We fished in water as warm as 84 degrees! Never even saw a Tarpon roll.....if there was any Tarpon in the area, our chum would have had them running to us, that's for sure!

This is about the end of my knowledge, of where they could be. And 95% of most local Tarpon guides wouldn't even think of this area, let alone know that they are many times here. Although we never had a hook-up. They do roam these waters very frequently.

We went through at least 50 pounds of perfect chum. And caught what we did on the dead Cuttlefish that were in my chum bag. There really wasn't any FISH eaters, any where around.

But the Springer family were really some great sports. And knew I was trying as hard as I could for them. Heck, we ended up about almost 20 miles from where we got our chum earlier this morning. So it wasn't like I was holding back on the throttle.

I was very impressed by these folks good nature, and sportsmanship. They're very welcome on my boat anytime.

Yep, those day dreams of a chilly December morning along the jetty rocks, in some fog. Casting for Reds, Drum, Trout, and Sheepshead....are becoming more frequent as this summer continues.

We need a storm again, like Bertha to go by here and suck all the water out this place!

REAL or HOAX? Make up your own mind. (high speed connection is best)

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