Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 - For YOU, readers and anglers.

If you haven't visited the rates page of my web site, you need too. So you can at least enlist yourself into my data base for specials, announcements, and other local fishing related info, that will not be posted here. And only goes to people who have signed up.
(None of your information will ever be shared, with anyone.)

There is one small change when it comes time to reserve your charter day.

I still do $100 deposit, but now you can also pay in full.
If a $100 deposit is made. The change is, that the balance of your day must be cash only.

I will not be running credit cards on the boat any longer.
So if you want to use a credit card, I'd recommend that you use the pay in full option.
And via the policies page of my web site, I'll direct you to the correct amount, because there's 14 different payment options. Several customers have already utilized the new system. And it works out well, for them and myself.

Besides being addicted to fishing tackle which is a constant process of refinement. I am doing what ever I can to bring costs down for you.
I don't know what the outcome would be, but I'm working on having a rod designed that will be of "my design". But not thru the roof expensive. They will be rods completely dedicated to the art of Float-rig fishing. The length, the action, the style, the guides, reels seat, etc.

If you've fished with me, you may know that I'm a bit of a detail oriented kinda guy. To me, that's what makes catching everything that swims in the St. Johns River on a float, exciting. And do-able. For years, I have settled for rods that work great, but still there's things I'd change.

Not everyone can afford a $270 G. Loomis "Bucara", which I've been using. But then again, there's things I'd change about the Bucara too.

So this is a work in progress. And a almost unattainable goal, it seems. But I'm working on it. And would love to be able to say, "from all my work, fishing, and tweaking, this is what I've come up with." and have them available to you also.

I rig my floats a certain way, I use certain floats, I use certain reels, and the hardest thing to come up with is that certain rod. I want to design a rod that has a mixture of ole school with new technology. And have them be affordable. I'd build them myself, and that has been in the back of my mind. But the investment to get started isn't something I want to do. Because it could mean thousands.
Looks like we're stuck in the funk of a S. E. - EAST wind pattern. As I say, an east wind and a falling tide is like working against the grain. But according to the forecast the winds should be under 15 knots, still a bit too heavy for that direction, in my opinion.





Being that I will be out on Friday and Saturday.
Heck at least the monster Croakers don't care.
In case you don't know the proper way to make a "stopper knot" for above your float-rig. I found this very good diagram. You can make a "stopper knot" out of about any material. Monofilament, thick unwaxed dental floss, or even thin Dacron line. Some people use rubber bands, but they break easily.
And of course, the use of a super braid line is all I'll use. Since it floats on the surface of the water, rather than sinking like mono does it's the best choice for the float-rigger.

And then comes the choice of Super Braid line.
I like line that has a bit of a texture to it.

Run a line such as Stren Braid, or Power Pro through your fingers, and you'll feel a bit of a texture. This makes your stopper knot hold it's place well. Compared to some other braided lines that are slick and have no texture.

Some fisherman might say that they like the super slickness, and I can understand why. But for me, I like that tiny bit of texture in my super braid. Most of my lines are either Berkely, or Stren super braid. In the 50/12 class. 50 pound line, with the diameter of 12 pound monofilament.
Plans are in place for a new video about Float-rig fishing to be made this fall/winter. As you may or may not know, I've made two 40 minutes videos on local fishing. Distributed through Bennett Marine video in California, to vendors such as Gander Mountain and availible on Bennetts web site.

They are also in the Netflix catalog. (if you want to purchase one, I have DVD's and VHS tapes on hand.)

We hope to cover A-Z on techniques, tackle, structure, and current. With help from an interesting friend of mine Nick Watson, from the band RATHKELTAIR.
After all filming is done, then comes editing and then on to Bennett for duplication and distribution.

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