Friday, September 12, 2008

9/12 - The Two Don's

There's not anything more fun than leaving the dock at HIGH tide, then running to your spot that was also every "Croaker Charter's", same spot too. Then, sit around waiting for the dang tide to turn! Well, I say sit around.....what I really mean is watch live shrimp get burned up on bullshit bites from 1/2 pound Pinfish and 3" Mangrove Snapper, by your "participants".

Heck, at least it was float-rig fishing practice for the two Don's. Don M. and his dad, Don Sr.

Dead high tide. Not my favorite time of the day. But what can you do, leave later and then have possible boats on your spot when you get there?

So we worked through it. And when the tide finally started to fall. We got what we came for....
T-Rex sized T-rout. (I'm jumping ahead here...let me go back.)

Don Jr. landed trout #1. And I was ready for the Croaker onslaught. But the guys only caught a handful. And they were really big. Again we had 14 inchers, "oh so worthy of meeting Mr. Zaterain".

The bite wasn't "on fire" by no means. And it hasn't been, since we've had the SE-EAST winds.
I've been tracking it. Remember, my saying. "East winds and a falling tide no matter where I'm fishing is like going against the grain of the wood."

I stepped in each time the guys looked to be struggling a bit, and caught Trout each time. So to prove they are there. Float-rig fishing isn't hard, when the fish are chewing, and it's hard when the fish are not. BUT....details matter, no matter what the fish are acting like.

I only took this one photo, and it's all I wanted. I wanted either Don, to catch a whopper, a Gator, a big trout. As I have been doing since last Wednesday (with the exception of this past Tuesday).

And that's when Don Sr. hooked a big fish, that ate his shrimp and immediately came to the surface splashing and frothing the surface.

Weighing in at 6 pounds and measuring 25 inches
it was "the fish" I was hoping for when we left the dock.

We finished up this spot with a half dozen Trout from 16" to the 25 incher. And a dozen Croakers, and one big Mangrove.

So off to do some bottom fishing for a big Red.
But wow, was that a chore in the afternoon east winds. It was all wrong, no matter where I tried.
I'll just leave it at that. Frustrating, yes!

I'll be trying something different tomorrow morning....Saturday's high tide.

I really hate it when we get in the funk of 15 knot SE-EAST winds day after day.
At least it's been dead calm in the river till about 10am.

The two Don's really learned the in's and out's of float fishing, were heavily challenged and scored on some good fish. It's always a good day when we catch a big Trout like this one, in my book, plus go home with a nice bag of "fish fry" groceries.

I'm not counting, but that's at least 6, 5 pounder's or better in the last 4 trips.

Not bad.

I haven't mentioned this in awhile. Now two years old, I still cannot discribe to you how well my BlackLab Marine 26CC fishes. This boat is not an aluminum novelty boat. It's truely a charter fisherman or serious fisherman's dream. From the roomy deck, durability, fish cleaning table, ride and even my electronics, the shallow draft, and especially the rough water stability, the list goes on and on. This is my all-time, dream machine. And with good tools, comes good fishing.

I welcome you aboard anytime, to see for yourself why I love it.

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