Saturday, September 20, 2008

9/20 - Rescheduled....again.

Nasty, rainy, windy, and a flood tide reminicent of Noah's Ark. Ahhhh, perfect, NOT!
I gave them the last option to reschedule today at 530 hrs....and John C. took it.

Man, I really like having at least a gamblers chance at catching a few Gators. So we re-scheduled for the last Saturday I have open in October. I really needed him to choose a weekday!

It's weekdays from here on out folks.

Okay. These Abu Garcia 6500 CS Chrome Rockets, I'm selling "dirt cheap" didn't go, so they're on Ebay now. I want these GONE!!!!

Here they are:
Hell, they might not sell on Ebay either in the next ten days.

Remember, I deal in "two's and "fours", 90% of the time.

Sunday: Calm winds, should be here. But then more rain. We're in some kind of big funk this week, that's for sure. With more ENE winds 15kts or better this week...damn, what's up?

Do you know that I have Mayport weather at the bottom of this Blog??????

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