Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm so excited about this product, because it is so useful it's unbelievable!
In my line of work, taking fish off hooks all day, especially them slimey T-routz.

There's nothing like "NOT" having to constantly be reaching for some grimey towel, or having that grimey towel blow out of the boat. Protection for your hands, as well.

You have no idea, how nice the Jus' Grab It Glove works until you wear one all day.

It's a JOY! And it's called the, Jus' Grab It Glove.

This is such an exciting product. A EZ on and OFF glove, and a set of pliers on a retractor right on a belt. No more can your fishing buddy steal your pliers, and set them down where you can't find them quickly.

Every bit Quality made, and light weight.

You'll be seeing me wearing mine every single day.

No more slimy shorts, because if I don't have a towel handy, "that's what my shorts turn into."

If you grab a fish with the your left hand, and use pliers with your right hand, then you'd want a left hand glove, and so the opposite. If you're a big guy, you'll also want the XL glove over the standard size. You want the glove to go on and off your hand easily.

(I use a XL glove, and am right handed, so I hold a fish with my left hand, and use the pliers with my right)

There's nothing manly about having a slimy towel hanging off your belt, or out of your pocket all day. Not in my opinion, that's for sure.

Please visit their web site at: - where you can see a short video of how it works.

And tell'em Capt Dave, the "float-freak" sent ya. Or stop me and ask to see mine.
I'll be glad to show you how easy it works.

If you fish with me, you may even get the chance to wear one of your own.

Just received the perfect all around Float-Rigging rod!

You may have read in an earlier post here, where I've been on a quest to find a rod that is 8' fiberglass, with EVA grips, and a heavy reel seat. Well, it just arrived!

I was looking for a particular action, a parabolic type bend to be exact. Perfect for a 2 pound Trout or a 10 pound Redbass, while using a 2 oz. float rig. (which is the best all around weight for where I fish)

It was a struggle at first. I tried a few other rods, but they just didn't work for me.

I'm into mixing a bit of "ole school" with "new school technology". And when it comes to me and float-rig fishing, I want a one piece rod. And the flexibility and durability of fiberglass, with it's slow moderate action would fit the bill.

I love my big Red, Shark, and Tarpon rods that Biscayne rods built for me last year, that kicked butt this summer. Matched up to my 870 Twin Drag Accurate Reels. So I contacted Eddie Carmen, the owner. He said he could build that rod. So again, I gambled and said go ahead and make me one. After a long discussion about blanks/actions, grips/length, eyes, and what I would use them for.

I cannot tell you how happy I am with the rod. And have plans on having more built as time goes on. But just wanted to let ya'll 8 foot, one piece fiberglass rod with EVA grips, trigger real seat and a soft moderate action does exist. I was almost sceptical for awhile....

Biscayne Rods, in Hialeah, Florida is now my Float-rig rod company.
There's also a link on the side bar of this blog for them. I hope you give them a visit.

My rod is their Plug casting KC fiberglass 8 footer (they'll know it as Capt Dave's Trout rod)
It's a "retro" looking rod, reflecting back to when the traditions of Jacksonville's Trout fishing were stronger than ever.

If you'd like to know more about this rod and why. Don't hesitate to e-mail me at: or call 904-642-9546 (eastern time)

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