Wednesday, November 12, 2008

11/11 - VETERANS DAY SPECIAL someone took advantage of that. In this City? Full of Military, are ya joking?
Nope, not one single call or inquiry for a DEEPLY DISCOUNTED Veterans day charter special.

And I even posted it on the Florida forum of Take a soldier

Oh well, it's their loss. Because even though it was one crappy ass day. RKA-Nick and I went out anyhow.

I just had to try out my new (patent pending) "Jus' Grab It Glove"
and it's one of the most useful item on my boat. Yeah everyone, (even Nick at first) scoffs......

But let me tell ya', that there is nothing like having clean hands, warm hands, and a set of pliers right there to take the fish off the hook. No more fussing around.

I absolutely love this product. So much RKA-Nick and I did our own little infomercial on the boat yesterday. I'll of course post it here, when it's all uploaded and done.

We left out at noon. The tide was dead low. The winds were EAST at 20 knots plus, and probably gusting even more.

But then again what does a guy with a brand new rod, that took a year or so to find, design, and have built gonna do? Sit home like a complete dope, and cricket fish in the yard?

Hell no. There ain't no wind that's gonna scare me off the water, especially when I have a brand new Capt. Dave Designed "BISCAYNE" Float Riggers rod, to try out.

It worked so well, of all the fish caught, I caught every single one, EXCEPT for one.
I told Nick......"Man, this rod here, has MOJO!!!"

No we didn't burn down the house. But we caught some whopper Croakers, yellowmouth trout, and some small anorexic Specks, while spinning around on anchor in the gusting wind and bizarro tide.

I do not know if you're as specific as I am or as anal as I am about tackle.....(ya'll don't tell me much) But I will tell ya......


-and just moments ago, Eddie Carmen from Biscayne Rod called me and said, "Hey Dave, did I nail it?" I told him, "buddy you nailed it so good it's unbelievable!!"

And that's what I want from my rod builder, "follow-up!"

I was pitching and lobbin' my float all over and set the hook on fish from 100 feet away.
I worked as hard as I could for a big Redbass to test it on, but it was so hard fishing in the first place. I was happy with what I caught. Had 20 nice fillets for supper, afterwards.

As I said a video is, forth coming.

Two things that have completely made my month already:

Capt Dave's Biscayne Float-rig Rod

Now, ya'll need to reserve twice the charters than you do, or refer. So I can eventually have all my customers using this rod for their daily float-rig fishing trips, with me.

I'm counting on you.

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