Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/13 - Kawabunga......FISH!

I hope the 'surfer dudes' on the beach were loving today. Because with it being the full moon, and on top of astronomically strong tides the residual seas from all the wind on Tuesday and Wednesday made for some sportiness at the inlet today.

This one of the "smaller" rollers that crashed the rocks.

But, I can take it. I actually like it.

I could do without the snails pace it took to get out the jetties. Or just go airborne.

Inside the jetty rocks, it was pure mayhem. Monster rollers in the current made for folding white water from just past the Navy base all the way to the tips of the rocks.

Let's put it this way....I tried to anchor inside the North Jetty, all the way up near Huguenot Park. And the current was so bad that I could not get my 14 pound fluke anchor, and 8' of 3/8's chain to grab anything. And when it did for a nano-second the swell ripped it out. I'm also sure as soon as it dug just a little bit, the sand washed away and made it just drag across the bottom again. Being as hard headed as a Catfish, I literally tried to anchor in that area 8 times, before giving up to Mother Natures wrath.

But fear not......I did prevail. Of course, I was alone. No one wants to go out on a sunny warm day in November that's 80 degrees. The warmth and sun, couldn't even tempt RKA-Nick out'a bed early after his late night Wednesday "drumming" gig at Lynch's Irish Pub.

Since the anchor wouldn't hold in 10 feet of water, I tried 4 feet of water along Huguenot Park's portion of the jetty, and low and behold I caught my first Speck of the day. And believe it or not, the anchor pulled and I hauled ass backwards, once again.

I had big plans.

I wanted to really test out my
float rig rod
on a hefty fish.

I did well on the small fish from Tuesday's trip in the gale winds, but as RKA-Nick said, "Let's see how it handles a big fish!"

So that was my plan, today.

I ended up making a move since there was no anchoring here. So I went to deeper water, choppier water, and at certain points of the day I bet I could have made about any Land Lover sea-sick.

I pitched and rolled behind the monster breakers as they hit the jetty rocks. 4' Swells turned into 10 footers as they met the shallow jetty tip. And all the way down the rocks, inside and out it was a "soup sandwich".

"Florida Snow".......the white foam that is generated was a foot thick covering the surface around my boat. But I love it! It's the reason I had the BIG METAL boat built. To be a super jetty boat.

On my first cast to the rocks I had a decent Yellowmouth Trout. My second cast I had a perfect 27" Redbass............"Yes, a great test fish for the new Biscayne rod....wish Nick was here to see that perfect Parabolic bend." No way can I pull a hook with this rod, it has the perfect "give".

Third cast was a Mangrove Snapper!

Damn, I was hoping them damn fish would be shagged outa here by now. I guess Global Warming has the Tarpon and Mangroves hanging around a bit longer each year.

James at B&M caught a 25" Snook this week.
He'll show ya the photo on his camera, and ya don't even have to ask him.

But I asked him, to ask those Snook, "are you hanging in brackish water only?"

To this day, I have never caught a Snook.

I've even fished Stuart, Florida on a charter....but of course it was February and our guide said, it was too cold to catch one. I've stood on the docks of our hotel inside Ft. Pierce inlet when there Sail Fishing and watched 25 pound Snook swim by. I've fished at night also and still never caught one! I don't care if it's a 12" Snook, it'll still be a Snook. The other fish I have never caught is a Wahoo.

I have friends that can catch'em. But I never get an invite...Guides don't get invites. Everyone thinks we'll sit on their spot with charters everyday. Not me, unless the Snook and Wahoo live at the jetties!!

I continued fishing. And caught some seriously hefty Yellowmouth Trout, which went in the box.
And to get my 4 -limit, didn't take long at all. So I concentrated on working for some Specks. And I found them. Away from the Yellowmouths, thank goodness. I put a few 16-17 inchers in the box when I hung into another Redbass.

I tried to get a photo of the bend in the rod for Eddie Carmen of Biscayne rods, so I could email him a few photos. But doing all this "solo" while having a fish hooked up, was tough.

Well Nick, the rod put a whoopin on both of these Reds...But I have not completed the test.
It has such good MOJO, I wondered if I could find me some real big Trout.

So I made another move.

First cast, a nice keeper again, at 16". And as fast I could get back into the same spot, I hooked another. (You ALWAYS want to get a second bait in the exact spot FAST, after catching a decent Trout. Because 90% of the time, it has a partner.)

And man, what a partner it was!! Two Specks in two casts at the exact same spot.

A super spunky, 23 incher!

And I mean Spunky! I thought it was a Redbass.
Pulling drag and running me up and down the side of the boat.

Then, from out of no where here came the Yellowmouths again. So I kept casting away from them, and hooked a pupper Redbass about 18".

And that was it. I had my Redbass at 27". My limit of yellowmouths, my limit of Specks.

Time to head on in.
It was a great day.

I can honestly say, "I do not know how I fished all this time using a towel to grab fish." After having my Jus' Grab It Glove, life is so clean, less slimey, and easy. The funny thing about the product is, you don't know how good it works till you have one on your side all day long while fishing.....I mean catching. If ya don't catch, then it's worthless. That's for sure.

RESERVE NOW for Thanksgiving week!

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