Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/29 - Short report...with foul weather.

Had Kirk M. a long-time client that's a Navy man who was here, then was shipped to Peru, of all places. He's says the place is a TOILET!!!!

You may remember him from last years reports, we went alot. Because being from N. Dakota "this guy will fish in weather", and we have.....

From gale force 30 degree mornings, to wind and rain. "Here we go again...."

Well, he's back for a few days for meetings and had a trip on the party boat planned for today, and a all day long trip planned for Monday with me.

The party boat trip was cancelled today due to very inclimate weather. So we had it planned that if they called the trip, we'd head out today as well as tomorrow. (Monday)

After some convincing on Kirk's part and him being so very anxious since Peru for the last 4 months has had no good fishing opportunities, we went today.

Instantly, we caught two specks (small ones). Here's Kirk a happy man, that we wetted a line.

One spot, along the jetties where it took 74 feet of anchor line to set the hook in 18 feet of water, against the wind & tide, we caught 10 Specks and kept three of them.

We were out fishing "maybe" two hours if that long?

That's why this is a "short report".

Just before the massive formation of dark clouds came and had us high tailing it to the boat ramp.

Man, the wall of rain was blinding, and the winds blew 3 times as hard on the back side of the clouds. We got drenched. And called it a day.

I'm sure another interesting report will follow for Monday.

So stay tuned.

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