Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12/1 - a start to finish...BANG!

Had Kirk M. aboard today, for day 2. After yesterday's short attempt, which resulted in two wet butt's, and 10 Specks.

But today was a different day. Cold as all hell and a due west heinous wind blowing 20 knots!
East or west at that speed and intensity isn't good for anyone....

But, as usual when Kirk and I are together we put a good whoopin' on the fish no matter what.
Except today, Kirk was on his own. I really had no MOJO at all today. I couldn't keep up.
Kirk's been stuck in Peru for several months care of the US Navy, and says the place is a toilet.

So he has "pent up" fishing energy.

But mind you, we were on the same boat!

But isn't that the objective? Unlike the "trolling motor guides" that have the best spot on the boat and seem to be fishing harder than their charter. I tried to keep up...but just watched as Kirk waylayed them.

From spot number one, it was back to back Redbass at 24" and super Specks.

The wind played hell on us. Mother Nature wasn't giving anything away. I wasn't all that happy with the water clarity or wind direction. And if it wasn't for Kirk being a good angler and a solo charter. Today would have been a nightmare for the rookies.

He caught a ton of Specks and Yellowmouth Trout, releasing the small ones. A decent Flounder, a left over Mangrove Snapper, and a whole bunch of Reds up to 31 inches of drag pulling kick ass, on the float-rig.

I was in full YUKON CORNELIUS attire the whole day. As Kirk went "hood' less" and just made me cold just looking at him. I like the chill of winter, and the fact the when it's cold the fishing is HOT. But you can bet, I'm suited-up like Nanook of the north. Come prepared....cause Jax has winter too, is all I have to say. Because, if you are a healthy individual we're going to give it 100%.

Kirk done filled up a 72 cooler pretty much all by himself with Trout and Reds. And we made a move to a spot where the wind and current combination was like float fishing in the Snake River Canyon of vortexing colossal current. So we sort of had to wait it out. But the 12 dozen shrimp were getting really low.......so I pitched a MirrOLure with no success. And kirk ate some Trail Mix. And then he caught 5 more Specks!! And on the last shrimp in the livewell he watched his float "hop", and then laid the wood to a big Redbass to finish the day.....ON THE LAST DANG SHRIMP! I told him, "ya better buy a lotto ticket brother....."

This had to be at least number 6 or better Redbass. And let me reiterate..... THE FISHING WAS NOT A CAKE WALK TODAY! (the last cake walk days were before Thanksgiving, of course.)

We went back to the dock and took a few end of day photos, of what Kirk wanted to fillet, which was okay with me.

The totals had to be at least a half dozen Reds, 15 Specks, 15 yellowmouth trout, one Flounder, and one mangrove snapper....and I can't forget about my 4 pound Jack Crevalle, that's still hanging around here. And Kirk's baby Sea turtle that tangled in his line, but was very cooperative with me.

SOLO Anglers can have an advantage, there is no doubt...one on one LEARNING, CATCHING. With double limits.

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