Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/4 - It's about to BLOW!!!!!!

Can't believe I offer a discounted Veterans day trip and no one even asks a question about it.
Guess the WORLD just plain stops when it's election time, huh?
I tell people election years SUCK, and they look at me like I'm nutz. Living in the 9-5 fog surely has some people not knowing what activities effect, small business.

But each year this happens around now to an extent. The fishing is thru the damn roof...and it's:
-either too cold
-too rainy
-too close to Christmas
-too close to Thanksgiving
- it's always too "something" in this town.....Oh remember, some of the best fishing the whole year is when it's really cold. Yeah really cold, and I'm wackin them while you're not.

I could easily deal completely without any of the "holiday season". It's over done, over commercialized, and like national elections just plain over in one day after a giant build up.
Orgasmic, huh?

Winn Dixie just took down the big time holiday of Halloween decor, and in the same day (I witnessed) are slamming us in the face with Christmas crap already!

Like 20 months of Presidential election lies, this is what I'm talking about. But somehow I make it through another year...

By Jan. 1st aren't ya just glad its all over? (we are truely a country of excess)

Oh well, it's been blowing small craft caution or advisories all weekend and week so far.

But there is a rainbow at the end of this weeks wind cycle:


I'll be out with you or without you. And maybe even on Veterans day too.

Thanks for your support, see ya at the dock????? "they say it, why can't I?"

I voted a week ago, so in case it was nice today (which it isn't all that great) I could be ready to fish because I'm sure the river would be nearly ours....and extra vacant.

Oh, the anticipation is killing me...I can't wait to sit in front of the TV all night long, watching more talking heads, till morning. NOT!!!!!!!!

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