Friday, November 7, 2008

11/6 - Can we get back to fishin now?

Can't believe some of the bad attitudes I'm running into after Tuesday's out come....
I say, "get over it". The people have spoken.

But, since November's been suffering a slow down mostly because of winds. My question is; "can we just get back to fishing now?"

So I took advantage of the PERFECT weather on Thursday. And unfortunately in this town it also means, so did everyone else. Unemployment must be high, cause no one was at work.

Which brings me to an observation.

$4.00 a gallon fuel, economic crisis, jobless-ness, business' closing. All this happening in what seems to be a vary short time frame. And absolutely no apparent slow down when it comes to fishing except for Charter Fishing. The ramps packed every weekend. And a Thursday, was a zoo on the river around the "hub".

Four places I went, there was a boat either there already. Or someone just left.
So, if you're a regular "joe" and have a job. I really don't see any so called, slow down.

Jacksonville's breaking ground all over with one strip center and 20 acre shopping centers on every corner. This is one thing, along with car dealers lining the streets, that I was hopeful to see the end of.

Myself, I'd just like to get back to fishing. But again, no one has inquired about the Veterans day 2 passenger trip discount I'm that must be a "here's yer sign", sign.

The weather could have not been any more perfect on Thursday. The tide's weren't all that great for me, although the falling tide sure did pour for a long time. Low tide Mayport was at 7-7:30am. And at 10am I was still fishing "falling water".

Really wanted to target some big Trout. Target fish was a 5 pound Trout. So I tried a bunch of different places. Which need some further investigation, and did have potential. But the largest of the day was this "almost" 20 incher.

This fish was about 5 inches short of the one I was looking for. And 6 inches longer than most of the trout I caught! Loads of "dinks".

14 inch trout, there was no lack of. And I couldn't find or get into any rally of decent sized fish.
IE: 16 to 20" Trout.

I'm about as sick of hearing;
"So ya getting into the Flounder?" as "are ya getting into the Sheepshead" when January comes.

I don't fish the fads...I stick to what I do, and aim to do it very, very, well. I did hook a flattie that smoked me into a pile of rocks and broke me off. It was probably one of the most classic Flounder bites on a float-rig I've had in a long while. I knew the minute that the Flounder ate my shrimp that I was in trouble. It was big and really strong. And when it took off after I tightened the line, I saw my fate before it happened. The fish went straight for the rock pile.

I did catch my one keeper Redbass on my second drift of my float of the morning. A 24 incher that'll go straight to momma. She likes large baking sized fillets.

But my thought always is;
"what fillets are larger.....?
a 24 inch Red, or a 24" Trout?"
Answer: Always a Trout!

Pinfish are still a problem on the shallow shell bars. If it isn't a Mangrove Snapper, don't worry the Pinfish will take over.

I kept only three Trout that were worthy.
Two Yellowmouth Trout, and caught a few "pup" Reds.

Not a ballistic day while hunting Mr. Gator. Especially having all those people every where. And while doing it on my R&D budget. Because I'm not your average Joe, with a job.

Veterans day discount: for 2 anglers only November 11th. Call or email me to inquire.
Veterans or non-veterans. Just making the offer...because it's a Holiday during the week, rather than a weekend. Weekday fishing, is at least 25% "less crowded" than a weekend.

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