Monday, December 22, 2008

12/22 - Its back to being a.....

Well. looks like we're back to being a winter wonderland (for Florida that is).
I broke out the fully insulated Dikies coveralls for this mornings charter.

-when I drag these outa the closet, ya know it's a frost bite kinda morning!!

But we didn't go. Bob and I met at B&M bait and tackle this morning, to just check. I was supposed to show up with the boat and then check the ramp weather, but heck with that. It's down right chilly out there...and the SCA-small craft advisory isn't wasn't all that welcoming. NE 20-25 kts.

So we backed up Bob's charter till April, when he'll be back in J-ville, from N.C.

I was so looking forward to another one man trip. They're usually pretty damn good.

So now all I have to do is worry about tomarrow with a two man trip and east winds instead.
We'll see what today brings. And I'll be studying the weather.

High East winds on a falling tide, isn't all that good for anyone. Especially me!!

So as the saying goes "pack up yer squeeze toys Farful" -Sienfeld 1993

It's gonna get interesting.

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