Thursday, December 25, 2008

12/24 - SWELL, fishin'

Had the two Glenn's out on Christmas eve. Glenn Sr. & Glenn Jr. T.
Two really great guys. Fun to have aboard and patient....and they needed to be!!

They wanted to learn more about float-rig fishing. And believe me that got all the time they needed to practice!


We fished the good the bad and the ugly. Areas that had fish a few days ago were now either devoid of all Trout or they were there, but just not hungry. I'd figure they were sea sick, from the SWELL. Yeah, the east swell formed by Mondays 20-25 kt winds and then the 15-20 knot east winds on Tuesday.

We were, of course originally scheduled to go on Tuesday the 23rd. And when they said, "Christmas eve was is okay for us, Dave", I was soo happy! I'm getting tired of juggling days around.

You cannot even imagine how hard I worked to get them on something out there. While they learned the ins & outs of fishing the float-rig. Oh, that 10-15 knot south wind that was fore casted for the 24th.....yeah, that came gusting inland around 10-11am. And certainly wasn't any 10-15 knots. as usual. By the afternoon, at the jetties the wind wasn't howling at all. It was a big time LAND breeze, that's all. But because of the early in the week winds, the inlet was a soup sandwich, again.

It was noon, and we had about zero bites and nothing in the box.
Even I pitched out surveying the grounds. And I maybe had one Sheepshead nip a shrimp off.
Our shrimp were dieing on the hook.....from boredom, I kept repeating to the Glenn's.
Remember.....from the article in the newspaper;
"It's the Zen of the float upon which I can pontificate for hours - and often will. The float has history, pedigree and finesse...... It's a sure-fire bet for the pilgrim in the boat. At the same time, it's a deadly tactic for the true believer and strict practitioner of the religion called float fishing." -Jim Sutton, Florida Times Union

So it was time to change zip codes!
My "Zen", was getting depressed, my finesse wasn't working, and my pedigree was going to the dogs!

So we made a trek up river about 8 miles. Got on a spot and instantly I went from a zero to a hero. The two Glenn's were pulling in some small Trout. And on Glenn Sr.'s third fish he scored a 4 pounder! Then, Glenn Jr. scored a 3 pounder.

What is this whoey I always hear about, if you're catching 14" trout, that you'll probably not catch any big ones? Hell, I told the guys that this was a BIG trout spot or nothing most of the time. And they proved me wrong by catching numerous small ones here instead. Along with some serious "boxers".

Then we picked up some really big Croakers. Damn, the Croak's are still here too? 12-14" Croaker's are fun to catch especially on the float-rig. I couldn't help myself. I had to pitch on in too. And on my first drift boxed a perfect 19 incher along with a Croak and small Redbass.

The box went from dead empty to full in a matter of an hour. We stayed, even though the two Glenn's were supposed to be at some "Christmas get-together" by then. "We like catching fish instead", they said.

Didn't get to do a lot of picture taking. Because I wanted lines in the water as much as we could. So no stopping for a pose with the fish when they looked "pretty".

We finished up the day on this same spot, never moving. Between the three of us we probably had 15 or more Trout and five Croakers and the small Redbass, and one token Mangrove Snapper. (they're still around too.)

I pulled out another one, here in Bazzaro World, Jax. Fla. Where no day is ever the same and nothing is ever constant.
On the 26th, I have a family of 4 and that includes two young boys. If it's like I think it's going to be
it'll be, wall to wall boats and people everywhere.
Everyone got a new boat or fishing rod for Christmas.
I'm sure it won't be an easy day, the high tide is late in the morning. Hope there's a parking spot left at the boat ramp!

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