Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/28 - Corkin' all day long...

Met with buddy D.O.A Rob at the "clubhouse" yesterday, (the China Buffet for lunch). And we planned to go fishing together in his boat this time. I at the same time got to go do some R&D prior to this weeks charters. Rob dislikes Sunday's, as do I. But what ya gonna do? It's so nice on the water when its 80 degrees in December. So we headed out around 7:30am.

I'll keep this short and sweet because, I'm starving! Dinner's cookin'!!
But I'm compelled to always get these reports up after they happen.
This is WHY it's so important to me:
Capt. Dave,
I found your site a month ago googling and I really want to say Thank you!
My wife 2 sons and I moved here from Cleveland, OH 5 yrs ago to OP. We bought a 20' SeaFox Typhoon deck boat 90HP and have a blast catching scallops in Steinhatchee. Our sons 8 and 6(Downs Syndrome) have been disappointed with "dear old Dad" not being able to catch fish with them. 3 weeks ago you got me off the hook with them.
We went to the Jeddys for the first time. Inside North wall and brought home 2 trout and 2 sheepshead. The next weekend was bad weather and did not catch anything, but thats fishing.
We really enjoy your blogs and Thank you again.
I will always refer your charter when asked.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
-Ron, Bethany, Hunter and Dylan

Redbass, A LOT OF THEM...everywhere we went! No less than 20 of them. All sizes, from 16" to 29". Lot's of slot size Redbass, everywhere.

Sheepshead, 2 or 3 up to 7 way our target species. Just by-catch.

Speckled Trout, "our targeted species". at least 25-30. Multiple limits of keepers, some throwbacks too. We only kept ones that were "very" worthy, up to 20". No wallhangers. ROB REALLY NEEDED A SUPER SOW....but it always turned out to be a Redbass, every time he thought he had one hooked up.

Yellowmouth Trout, 2 in the right spot, wrong time.

Bluefish, 2 micro-sizers.

I almost forgot how a 17 footer bounces around like a cork, in the slop. Rob's boat is set up for him to perfectly do his solo DOA Shrimp casting. I was like a large container of ballast for him today. And had to catch myself a few times as we pitched and rolled differently than in my boat.

I did get to sit in an actual pedestal chair either on the bow deck or behind the console. I never sit anywhere while fishing in my boat. But we both "needed too" today, in a few "big swell" spots we anchored on.

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