Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12/29 & 30 - Jetty Trickery!!!!!


Okay, after a day that the fish were on the "feed bag" (Sunday, 12/28) I was so confident about (Monday 12/29's) charter with Peter and Valerie. Because like a good fishing guide I scouted and researched everything that we needed to do, so Peter and Valerie could wack'em and stack'em on Monday.


But Momma Nature had other plans for me.

We leave promptly and head straight for the jetties. Perfect incoming tide, I set up, get them going on the float-rig and NADA, ZERO, NOTHING.....not a single bite!!!!!!

"WHAT?? After Sunday's wackage with DOA Rob, we can't even get a bite, now??"
There was something in the breeze, the sky, something! I couldn't put a finger on it, but something felt different. It was my "Spidey Sense" trying to clue me in, I'm sure. And as I say all the time it's just a feeling I get. After all, I know my rocks! And I wasn't alone. DOA Rob came on out to the jetties too, and wasn't catching anything like we did the day before, either.

Great tide, low winds, weekday, it didn't matter. I believed it to be a Barometer thing!
So we continued working the area hard. Still nothing. So I made a move.
And that's when I picked up a rod and along with Peter and Valarie, I worked the rocks.

My dad has on saying when he does go fishing with me, which isn't very often....."If Dave ain't catchin', how am I supposed too?"

And Pop is right! I am your ringer. Hell, I know every trick and niche in the rocks we're fishing. And if I don't get bit, there's a huge problem!

Eventually, I got bit on this spot, and handed the rod over to Valarie and Peter. So they could at least get acclimated to what it feels like to have one hooked up.

And as you can see, one of the Trout was a "stud" and the other was just a good box fish.

It was time to make a big move! A zip code change was in order. By now my senses were telling me to vacate this area, and fast!

I ran up river and went to a super go-to spot.
If we can't get bit here, we can't get bit anywhere!
But it was slow going......

The tide wasn't exactly right. But we waited it out. And here came the "spidey sense" conformation. THE FRONT, that was fore casted!

The wind started blowing about 20 knots, the sky darkened to the west. But as the tide fell, we started catching fish. At first it was Trout, then a Black Drum, and then big Croakers, and then a Sheepshead. Peter and Valarie were really getting the hang of it, and the fish box started looking alot better. The wind was howling as we left out of the spot with a decent box of fish, and the westward sky said it all! I now knew exactly why the jetties had turned off, compared to yesterday. HERE CAME THE WEATHER CHANGE, that was predicted to happen. Which shut down the jetties. As the wind blew from the west, the air temp must have changed 15 degrees. It got down right COLD!

I failed to get any more photos of the day, because I didn't want to pause for one second as they were catching finally. But, I pulled it out. Just as I had on the 24th, when the same thing happened to us, when I had the two Glenn's out with me. We put some good fish in the box!

That's the thing about this season. When the weather comes blowing in, the first place to shut down seems to be the Jetties. The fish are there, I don't think they go anywhere. But the bite shuts down. And since I fished on Sunday with DOA Rob, that's the day they put on the "feed bag", before the front came through. It all was making a lot of sense!!



So. what to do on Tuesday the 30th?? I picked up Bob and Jim at Sisters Creek boat ramp at 8am. The tide was already flooding. "Well, let's see if they are still not biting at the jetties."

I have in the past went back the day after and the bite was back on heavy. So on an incoming tide, I didn't have much of a selection at my disposal.

SAME DEAL....we fished and fished, and had no Trout, Reds, or even Sheepshead bites as we float-rigged the rocks. So I picked up my rod, and made a few drifts. BAM!!!!!!!

Right next to the boat I hook up a 22-1/2" Trout! Then, 15 minutes go by and Bob hooks up finally. An exact duplicate Speck at 22-1/2 inches. "So they are here, just like yesterday. But the bite isn't really on..."

Then, Jim hangs a nice Flounder along the rocks. And later I catch a small Yellow
mouth Trout. And that's it! We make a move, back to our first spot, as the tide slows. We have two beautiful Trout and a Flounder, now let's try for our SLAM. We need a Redfish. The guys work and work, no one around us is catching anything. The poppin' cork's are all over the place. I look at all the boats, and laugh when I see a poppin' cork, because a shrimp fished a foot deep isn't going to cut it. Finally, Bob hooks a Red! A good keeper size at 22". WE DID IT! We got a "slam" at the jetties, and it only took 4 hours! The bite here is still obviously off, and really hasn't changed.

I'm looking for a lot more action than this. It's a blue-bird day. Not a cloud in the sky, and slick seas and no wind. But no real change in the fish attitude.

The tide slowed up and I needed a falling tide to go work the river. So as the tide changed we again...
changed Zip Codes.

I ran up river. Stopped at one spot, caught a bluefish and a small Speck. And kept moving.

Then hit the Little Jetties, and caught one 18" Speck there. Looks like each spot is going to throw us one fish. So we moved on again.

Next spot, a few small trout. And then Bob's micro- speckled trout.

I was waiting for the tide to get lower, so I could hit the spot that Peter & Valarie caught their fish on.

We made a move after a few small fish. And went there. The tide was low, but the current was really slow. We caught a few Croakers, but the Specks were absent. We worked the whole area for only a few small Trout and Mangrove snappers. And decided to call it a day and head back to clean our catch.

So there ya have it.

The jetty bite was "balls to the wall" when I was out on the 26th, and the 29th. And then, it died, because of the weather change. It was down right cold as hell this morning, compared to later in the week.

The consistent thing is that it's inconsistent! Yep, that's N.E. Florida in the winter. But, no matter what we caught some fish, everyone had a great time, learned a ton of information. And had more than enough for a healthy fish fry on New Years day.

But ya'll know me. I'm happiest when it's an all out fish fest, float's are disappearing left and right, no one has to work at it very hard.....I guess we all like it like that, huh?

Here's a few photo's taken by friend and fellow blogger, Ron Brooks of ABOUT.COM.

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