Thursday, December 4, 2008

12/4 - Just one really pleasant day.

Had Jim Sutton on board today. Jim's the "outdoors editor" of the Times Union newspaper. I've known Jim from way back when he worked for the St. Augustine Record newspaper, and wasn't even in the "outdoors biz".

As I stated yesterday, we had been planning to get together for a long time. And Jim's going to do a article on Float-rig fishing/Trout. And after today he'll have plenty of material.

Because we caught some really beautiful fish, by doing so. (he was pleasantly surprised, too)

The boat ramp parking lot looked like a Saturday in June! There was hardly anywhere to park at 9am when I arrived. Man, this town is getting big. Or is those fuel prices?? I'll go with fuel prices, nice weather and usually crappy weekends, for the work force.

We met around 10am and I headed east. The jetties were a parking lot, too! Looked to me like about every boat was "sheep herding". Ya know there isn't any other fish to fish for, right?
Yeah, that's funny as all hell, ain't it? In many areas of the Gulf of Mexico coast line, those guys over there just wouldn't believe their eyes.

As we rode out the jetties, I told Jim, "there really won't be much incoming tide current, and when it comes it really won't be strong or long in duration, there won't be a single spot left to fish......but don't worry, we'll catch our fair share." He looked at me with a befuddled look....

I said, "I'm just thinking out loud, that's all."

We anchored up away from the masses and went over the technical stuff, took a few photos, and then gave the spot a try. I could tell at this location with no good current we were just practicing. But neither Jim or I needed any practice, so we moved on.

The spot we went was devoid of boats, "just the way I like it!" I said. I maybe in the people business and enjoy "most" people, but I don't want them around me when float fishing. I need my space!

I'm exactly like my grandfather who used to surf fish, ALOT! If he looked up and down the beach and saw a single human being, he'd tell my dad when he was a kid, "don't bother setting up, we're outa here!" Grandpa would have a tough time these days wouldn't he?

Jim and I had such a pleasant afternoon catching one Speck after another and talking float-rig fishing. The fish, the tackle, the vernacular, the why's and how's and trading fishin' stories. It was GREAT!

And I think Jim caught the fattest Trout of the day. I of course had a really big fish shake off the hook right at boat side, but overall these fish were nothing to sneeze at. 17-19-1/2 inchers are prime box fish in my book. And we caught at least 15-20 of them, and Jim's token 'grazer'...a small Sheepshead.

It was a glorious day, sunny, warm and a bright blue sky. We fished about 3 hours and Jim had to meet up with some folks in Mandarin for a story. So we came, he saw, and we did exactly what I had intended for him to experience.....the magic of the float, drifting down the jetty rocks, disappearing, and with a fat Speck attached to his hook, time after time.

Plus, Jim got to take home a cooler full of fresh Specks. What a deal!!

You can look for his article on today's trip on Sunday December 21st in the Outdoors section of the Times Union newspaper.

A private fishing charter with Capt Dave Sipler's Sport Fishing, would make a really nice Christmas present from Santa!!

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