Friday, December 5, 2008

12/5 - had to use up the shrimp

BIG weather change from yesterday, too today. Fooled some people, that's for sure....

Especially those that went offshore in small boats. I know one. Overcast, wind direction change, and a bit of rain in the late part of the day, and colder.

But for me that's here nor there. Because all I did today was call my friend "RKA"-Nick and get his butt moving this morning with tales of a Speck bite that was through the roof.
I had some shrimp left over from the trip with Jim yesterday. Just enough to go wear them out again.....same area, same time, same Bat channel.
We didn't even leave the boat ramp till about noon. Threw the anchor out and it was "balls to the wall."
I'm a bit tired from fishing Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and I'm going tomarrow too. So I'll be keeping this one kinda brief.

3-4 hours, 25+ Speckled Trout, one Sheepshead. No BS fish at all (Bait Stealers), no Redfish at this spot yet this week, Sheepshead bites of course. No yellowmouths, no Rock blennies, No 3" Seabass, no nothing except for what's so near and dear to me...BIG FAT SPECKS!!!!!!!

They ran from 16" being a small "box fish" , with a handful of throw backs. All the way up to Specks pushing 7 pounds! We had numerous 3-4 pounders, and a 5 pounder.

It was so much fun, Nick can attest to my dancing around the boat being amusing, but without much in the way of having "good technique." I get excited! When I stop getting excited about big Trout, I just better give up fishing huh?

The most fascinating thing about this whole week has been the fact that every single live shrimp sent out to fish through the gauntlet of Trout mattered. No wasted baits. Wasted on B.S. fish. Either they get eaten, or they fall off the hook during a lob along the structure.
Because it's not all that common that just 60 live shrimp can catch 25 big fat specks and a few Sheepshead. They many times get chewed by some unwanted species of rock dweller, while your in hot pursuit after a big fat speck. Many times just between Nick and I, we usually take 8-10 dozen for just the two of us. I'll toss a live shrimp if it doesn't swim right. I'm particular.

The fish over 20" started to come by the numbers...and I started counting.
And releasing. Only after a "attitude" photo or two. Because I was getting excited and Nick had to put up with me, as usual.

It started to get really cold out there. Then came some light rain and we were out of bait pretty much, had our cooler full and heck I was "hungry" for some Troutz. And man, they taste so good an hour or two after they were swimming in the river. "Now dats freesh fish!"

Stay tuned.....I still have a Saturday trip.

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