Sunday, December 7, 2008

12/6 - What fun!

Had Paula Ray, husband Keith, and son Dominic aboard today. They were visiting Dominic here in J-ville from, New Mexico. And Paula distinctly remembered when she booked her trip that I told her, "the ladies have all the luck."

So since the three of them have never done any fishing, like we do here. I started them out slow, and close. We hit a Yellowmouth Trout spot, first near the boat ramp. I must be a good teacher because they did so damn good. And Paula......"what a hoot" she was when she caught her first ever fish. She was so excited. And she had good reason to be too. Hard hitting yellowmouth trout were just the ticket for her. They fight good, their willing, and there's usually alot of them in one spot. So all three of them got good chances to just do some catching on the float-rig.

After at least 10 or so yellowmouth we moved on. "Time to kick this up a notch!" So we hit an area where all the monster Speckled Trout I've been catching have come from. But wouldn't ya know it, the tide was dead still there.....but they still caught two Specks, either way. But I wanted bigger fish. So we moved on again.

I pulled up to the jetty rocks, and the incoming tide had just barely started. So it looked like we were in a good position to catch some decent fish. The Sheepshead wouldn't leave our live shrimp alone. They'd nip the tails off our shrimp. Again, that's okay...we ain't fishin' for them damn things. Then Paula hooks a big fish. It comes 1/2 way to the boat and comes loose. Then, she drifts out again, her float dives, and she comes tight on another really good fish. She's excited now!! And it was so much fun watching her do battle. And up pops a super beautiful Redbass. And into the net it goes. Dark copper colored, must be a fish from up river that just came out to the inlet. It had the river look to it. And it was a perfect 27" keeper!

Talk about one PROUD lady. I believe this photo of her says it all. Looks like she could be right out of the pages of Florida Sportsman Magazine. Complete with the legendary jetty rocks behind her......It just doesn't get any better!

Then, we started nailing some really sweet Specks up to 3+ pounds. And that's when Paula's son Dominic said, " a few hours ago she didn't even want to touch a shrimp, and caught her first fish, now she's a pro....."

I have to say, the whole crew did so good. We had no catastrophies, no tangles, no lost floats, no lost sinkers, and bearly any lost hooks. Talk about a wonderful day! And many times it can be that way. Just have your mother, aboard. She's good luck!

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