Sunday, January 18, 2009

1/17 - Coldest day of the year????

All ya have to do is have friends that live & fish in the Northeast to appreciate what COLD really is and hear them complaining to appreciate what we have. And I laugh at the local-yokal TV news here in J-ville. According to them they make it sound as if life as we know it, is gonna END!!!!

Saturday was a beautiful day. A tad windy at times, but the cold was no big deal!

Left out from the dock at 9:30am, Tim and Pedro were right on time. I was ready, and in full "Nordic garb" , and was toasty warm in my knee high insulated boots, long johns and fully insulated Dickies cover-alls.

I told Tim & Pedro that one thing I have learned over the years is to go ahead and spend the bucks to make sure I'm "all weather ready". Because no matter the days weather, I'll probably have that day booked and will be going out in it.

I call it "makin' a living", just like the crabbers I saw taking off from the dock, before Tim & Pedro showed up.

I was going to head straight to the jetties. But the N.E. wind was howling a bit out there, and really had plans to fish the ICW, in protected waters.
The same place I did the R&D, on Thursday.

The only problem after we arrived on the spot was that we'd need patience. Because we were's a high tide spot. But we gave it a try, and I went through all the Float-rigging in's & out's with them. Or as I refered to it as, "Everything your wanted to know about the float-rig and even some you didn't".

We worked two areas hard with no bites, and it's because we were way early. But then as the tide got right, the fish showed up.

Pup Drum, Pup Reds, small Trout, big Trout up to
21 inches, a Flounder. But we never got into an absolute

It was pick a fish here and there.

So before noon we made a run out to the jetties. The tide was still flooding a little bit, the N.E. wind had backed off and it was nice and warm, comparatively speaking.

Once anchored up, I immediately have all my Jettywolf senses working. And I just wasn't getting a "good feeling". The current was about nothing where we were. The floats just blew with the wind. Although the water was clear, green and calm. Tim tried deep and found a small patch of small Yellowmouth Trout, while Pedro and I fished a bit shallower up on the rocks, where the Reds and Specks should have been....but weren't. Tim caught a handful of Yellowmouths, and we kept two of the largest, for insurance. I even moved around a little and tried to connect with some current, but it just never happened.

We moved and changed locales. And I just had to try a big Trout spot before heading in. All three of us worked it hard, fishing for that trophy that this spot can produce. We rotated up and down the side of the boat drifting our floats just perfectlydown the jetty rocks, and no bites!

So I pinned on one last frisky live shrimp and made one more attempt. I walked up to the bow, pitched close to the rocks and my float went down! Holy crap, this fish fought. Digging for the deep water and bucking it's head, I said, "Tim, grab the net...I wanted you guys top catch this one!" and right then, the fish came unpinned from the hook. All I can say is, if it was a Trout, it was a monster!

Oh well, you can't win them every time, right? But we gave the big Trout spot a try, at least.
So we headed in.

Tim sent these photos of what he left with and still needed cleaning. Looks like good eats to me!
Stoke up the frier Momma!

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