Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20 - Lousy weather!!

Since Saturday there sure has been some really crappy weather....yeah the sun shining, but the WIND is howling. Let me remind everyone, WIND IS OUR WORST ENEMY.

Was "again" supposed to be out with Carl J. today. But we rescheduled for the 2nd or 3rd time now, till Thursday, because of winds or cold temps.

Right now the forecast for Thursday looks "do-able".
I sure hope so. Because in my "hunt" for a long 7'6" to 8', EVA foam handled, trigger reel seat, FIBERGLASS casting rod, I found some. That's not an easy find! I really want to see how they work.

Of course, they are rather "inexpensive" rods, but as long as they have the soft parabolic action I'm looking for in my float-rig fishing. It doesn't matter to me.

My 8' G. Loomis "Bucara" high dollar models work, especially on really big fish. But I find them a bit heavy actioned for a 2 pound Speckled Trout.
I guess Carl will be the first to break one in on Thursday.
Still have (3) of the G. Loomis "greenwater" rods left for sale,
and (4) of the Shimano 300 Tekota's.
Priced right.
The Tree Hugger News:

Wind, our worst enemy?

How about this for an idea? Instead of huge fields of windmills, or lines of windmills on the tops of mountains like they have here in West Virginia, let's utilize the wind generated by cars whooshing down the freeway. Brilliant!
A student in Arizona State University came up with this idea, and it's being proposed for a stretch of desert highway that is quite busy near Phoenix.

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