Thursday, January 22, 2009

1/22 - BEAUTIFUL, but chilly.

Had the pleasure of finally getting Carl J. out on his second, "polishing his float rig skills" charter. Because of wind, wind & cold and, "the weatherman sure did miss this one."
And we sure did have a good time!

Yes, the new digital sign with the Temp and Time on the what used to be back gate of the Navy base said it was a balmy 26 degrees as I passed it by at 0700 hrs. But the no wind, and dead calm conditions helped to make it one fine morning.

The tide was falling, so I headed up river. Carl baited up and on his first drift had a small Trout.
Then I baited up and had a Trout too. "Damn, this is better than I expected."
With the multiple attempts we've done lately to get out, and the deep winter chill. I told Carl, all we have to do is catch fish, doesn't matter how big or small they are. And I'll be happy.

Then came the keeper Trout, came.

This creek type Trout weren't monsters. But in the box they went.
Carl and I were getting happier.

Then, we started catching some creek flounder.

We caught a small Redbass, out a limit of Specks in the box and two Flounder, and had lots of throw back Specks all on the first anchor. I was warm, Carl was smiling, the box looked good. As the tide fell lower, I had one more spot I wanted to try. So we moved on as the action tapered off. But the best spot didn't produce what we were looking for, so it was time to head to the jetties.

I have these new fiberglass Float-rigging rods and really wanted to see how they'd do on a big Redbass. So we dropped the cinder block into the jetties and worked a spot that usually produces a good Red. Instead, it produced a nice Speck....but not a single Redbass bite.

No reds here, so we moved on again. And on the next spot it was just small Yellowmouth Trout, so we kept a few and moved on again. I couldn't pass a big Trout spot without trying it, so we anchored up and it too produced only one Trout on the first bit of the incoming tide. And the largest Trout of the day....."it's a big Trout spot!"

So after really trying hard to get another larger trout which never happened, we made a last move of the day, to a shallow water spot. But we were a few hours early and never even lost a bait, which was hard to believe. It was "time to go make the donuts", aka: Fish cleaning time.

We sure could need some good warm days, to liven things up a bit, and this weekend looks to be just what I'm looking for. The fishing isn't off much on these cold mornings, but ya know me....I'm always hunting a really big Trout, or lots of seriously nice "boxers".

We did okay today, they bit where I didn't think they would, and didn't where I thought they would.

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