Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/5 - Are they closed already??

I know my last report was about when the Specks (Trout) close during February. But the last two trips seem as if they took on a voluntary closure of their own. And even talked all their friends into it too!

Had Carl J. out on the 5th for a "learning" trip. Carl wanted to add another technique to his repituar. And what a better way of doing so, than going with me. I enjoy teaching folks about Trout & Reds on the Float-rig. Plus, he booked two days. We're going again next week also.

We had the last of a long falling tide and since the jetties have been quite slow we stayed in the river.

It wasn't long after we went through all the in's & out's of float fishing that Carl caught his first of the day....A BIG Croaker, at 15-3/4" long.

It was one fine morning.
A bit foggy, slick calm and so warm.

Seemed almost "too" perfect, to me.

Because we kept fishing and fishing and by no means did we ever get into any kind of riot.

We'd pick a Trout here and there, the larger ones 18-20 inches, a small Redbass, and a few under sized Trout. We made a move, about 150 feet and tried another hump. Carl landed a few Yellowmouths, with one being a 20 incher.

The tide went slack, so we moved on and headed for the jetties. Holy crap, it's a Monday and I couldn't believe all the boats out there.

Somethings changed. Ten years ago, on a Monday at the jetties you'd see maybe one or two other boats. What is it? Every one's so wealthy now they don't have to work, or is the unemployment rate that high?

We tried a few spots out there and never lost a live shrimp on the incoming tide to a game fish species.

Lots of people looked as if they just gave up and were sitting there for their health.

We of course were in high pursuit of a whopper Trout. But since we couldn't buy a bite from even a 12 incher. My hopes for Carl were getting slim. If the "go-to" spot is dead. Then, the confidence level isn't very high.

Is sure seems that since Friday for me, that the jetties sure has fell off. And reports I hear from friends makes me, not the Lone Ranger.

After repeated attempts to try and find Carl's big Trout, we decided to head in and worry about next weeks trip. Carl left out with a decent bag o' fillets. But nothing like what the day "felt like" it should have been.

Just goes to show you, even perfect weather days ain't always so perfect.

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