Friday, January 9, 2009

1/9 - What's left?

Had a decent night at the JOSFC Swap Night. Decent turn-out, but still different than what I remember from many moons ago......No College football championship on TV. If not, maybe the turn-out would have been truly great.

As usual my instincts were all wrong......I thought most of the jigs I had would have gone fast.
Never sold a one. (Butterfly jigging, offshore) Maybe it's a personal thing.

First to go was the 3-PFD's I had. Type 1 offshore vests.

So what's left?

Worth mentioning is;
4 -Shimano Tekota's 300 levelwinds.
New: $139-$159
My like brand new squeeky clean in boxes, ready for line...$95.00 each.

4- G. Loomis "green water" casting rods, medium action 7'6" (great warrenty)
New: $220 each
Mine: $80.00

**see side bar links under items for sale.


Just incase you don't keep up with it. The winds been blowing like all hell.

Add in Full Moon tides. So I haven't been in the last few days and the last day I did go was a real bore, out doing some R&D in the river. All the while, my buddy DOA Rob on the same day wore them out in the creek he visits frequently. That's always the way. I do crappy, and he does great in that creek. Then, I go and wack'em at the jetties, and he does crappy in the creek.

We both have failed to figure that one out. Some times he has a slight advantage in a shallow creek.

But then again, there's nothing like having serious comfort when fishing too. We have a good ying & yang thing going. I do the bigger water, he many times hangs in the smaller shallower water. I guess it's all about what kinda Chinese yellow mustard you like, EXCITING, or MELLOW.

Looking to get out there and wackin some fatties.....
But I'm not gonna go fight the wind on a solo day.


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