Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/8 - Glass, I think NOT!

NOT FIBERGLASS....BIG METAL...PLATE ALLOY... 34 feet of custom 1/4 inch thick plate aluminum alloy, High Speed, battle wagon sportfisher!!!

Yes, a 34' alloy plate "ALUMINUM" Boat. I get all the time, "damn that's the largest aluminum boat I've ever seen" from people when I sit at the dock. Come on out of that cave. There's a big wide open aluminum boat world out there, that's for sure. Visit my sister web site: - and you'll be amazed, that J-ville Florida is quite a sheltered little spot on the boating map.

***SEE THE DEBUT OF THE ROCKSALT 34 at, Miami International Boat show , Feb 12-16 2009

I may see ya there...

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