Friday, February 13, 2009

2/13 - No Vacation this year....

Not that I ever really go on any vacations. But I usually refer to any day or two away from home a vacation in this charter biz.

Well, a few days ago I hurt my foot somehow. I have not a clue how. It was aching so bad, I couldn't step on any part of my foor except my heel.

Then, I got up on my roof and did some maintenance, then the next day went Kayaking with DOA Rob, and then I stepped in a rut and twisted the same foot, while carrying a yak to the truck. Yeah, that hurt!

Now, this morning I awoke to a swollen foot that was throbbing, all night long. So I called Pop's and said I don't think I can walk the 3-5 miles that we usually do at the Miami International boat show, for 12 hrs. We were supposed to be leaving for at 4am on Saturday, as we have so many times in the past on this same weekend. So he cancelled our hotel reservations in South Beach.

No seeing the debut of the 1/4" solid plate alloy "RockSalt 34" that friend Jay was showing in Miami. No, meeting the guys from Biscayne rods, that are building (3) more of my specialty float-rigging rods, as I write this. (for you my customers)

And no heading out of J-ville to see a different land/sea scape. And what a great way to spend not only my Birthday, but also this beautiful weather we're having, huh?

Like I say, I'm focused. I have to be able to fish on Monday the 16th, since I actually have a pre-booked, pre-paid, February charter. Can ya believe that?

To quote Mark Melnyk from World Fishing Network web site,
"So what else do you expect from Miami - 2 words - LIVIN' LARGE. This is the biggest exposition dedicated to boating I have ever been witness to... and the who's who, of the boating and fishing world is here."

I'll let ya in on a lil' secret, "it's a wee bit bigger than the J-ville boat show, hahahaha..."

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