Monday, February 16, 2009

2/16 - weather guessers were right.

I don't know how it was on a Walmart parking lot on the west side. Which is the usual forecast you get from the TV weather guessers. But NOAA's Marine Forecast was right about today, as I listened at 5am this morning, while I drank my coffee and ate my PB&J.

I distinctly remember the lump in my gut I used to get at 5am, when I listened to forecasts like today's when I used to do offshore charter's. I guess, I either smartened up, got older or too hungry. Because you just can't do offshore charters in a mid size center console boat around here, 12 months a year. As a full-time occupation. Like you can do inshore charters. (If you want to call it a full-time occupation.)

"Morning calm'ish 10-15 kts, cold and as the afternoon comes, expect 20-25 knot winds from the NW switching NE. " -A para-phrased forecast of what I heard on the radio this morning.

Had Steve T. from Reno, Nevada aboard the Jettywolf today. Thought I was supposed to have two passengers, but it ended up just being Steve.

We went float-rig fishing. Steve and I were open for anything. And yes, it was what I'd call cold as hell this morning. But we headed straight down river to a usually great Trout spot, during "other months". And yes, we still caught some Specks. Till the Pinfish ran us out of there!!

Hit a few more spots for a few more Specks and one Yellowmouth Trout. Then, I got this great idea. Run to the Dames Point bridge, and catch those Yellowmouth that I've caught there, in the past.

We had it perfect. Up under the bridge so we were out of the line of fire so we didn't get hit by the bridge workers throwing nuts and bolts off the scaffolding 200' above us. A perfect anchor position. Perfect current....but no bites!

By now the wind had doubled, it was still very cold and clear as a bell.

So we worked our way back east. Picked a Flounder up on one spot, after going out to look at the jetties. We got as far as the Navy Base and I could see it looked nasty. So we hit a high tide incoming spot for hopefully some more Specks a Red or a Black Drum.

We'll we caught more Specks up to 20 inches, and I think Steve lost a small Redbass.
Our largest Specks came from the intracoastal, not the river.

I told Steve, this is about a stereo typical February day. But from where he came from he said it was perfect. He has snow and real cold weather in the mountains of Nevada.

We had a good time chatting and just hopping from spot to spot.

My aching hurt foot, was doing much better than it was this past weekend, I was glad for that.
But by the time I got in my truck and heading home. I was sure glad to sit down.

I thought we did pretty good considering the wind and cold, today. But I still cannot wait till March 1st.

I just hope it's not cold windy and raining. I remember a few years back that the first week of March was unfishable due to weather like that. And just the week before I was at Nassau Sound ripping 4 pounders on MirrOlures.....oh the heart ache, I felt. Knowing where they were, but couldn't get to them, "comfortably".

By the time the weather straightened out, and I went to go get them, and they weren't there any longer. A perfect fisherman's Murphy's law....

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