Sunday, February 22, 2009

2/21 - I had to try it....

Went and tried some bottom fishing at the jetties with Bob R. When I say bottom fishing, I mean "trying to target" some Black Drum. We tried it in two locations, at the best of the falling tide.

But we left early enough to run around the rocks a bit and do some float-rig fishing, while we waited for the current to be good for bottom fishing.

And it certainly wasn't like the Trout fishing was on fire either, out there. The water sure was cold. 54-58 degrees during the entire day. I never left the "rocks".

KEY TEMP will be when we get back to 60 plus degrees. It'll make all the difference.

We tried bottom fishing on the inside of the south rocks out in 45 feet of water. We ran 4 lines, each baited with dead shrimp and cut clam pieces.

Should have been a real "happy meal" for any fish. But we only caught small Seabass, a Hake and a Toadfish. Kinda the bottom of the proverbial "bottom fishing barrel", this time of year.

I told Bob, "when you're catching these, it's as if they're telling you....WE'RE IT."

It was one hell of a nice day out there though. A lot better than raking leaves or something at home.

We were set up perfectly. Good current, and on a good spot. So much that for some reason the inside of the south jetty was covered up with boats. And at one point had a "family affair boat" park so close to us we could have spit in it. I don't know why.....the north inside was wide open. We weren't catching anything decent. So we broke loose from the flotilla and moved over to the North Jetty.

Same deal there though, we were set up great. But only caught another "here's yer sign" fish, one of those clear nosed spiny backed skates.

It just wasn't happening out there. And of course, I was second guessing myself. Thinking, "should we have gone in the river instead, of being out here?"
But the theme was to check out the bottom fishing out here, cause we wanted Jetty Black Drum. They were the targeted species.

This soon got ridicules. We couldn't give away not one of our four bottom fishing combo meals to anything. So we changed back to float-rig fishing for Trout, and spent the rest of the afternoon in the warm sun, working really hard to catch just a few Trout and one Flounder till almost dark thirty.

We really have some warming up to do out at the jetties. So it looks like the next few times I go it won't be out there, but rather the river, creeks or ICW. Where I had good action at least, on last Monday's trip with Steve T.

I probably won't be able to not go "myself" till March 1st. But from the sounds of the weather forecast and high winds coming up this week. It just may not be till March 1st. Because no matter what, I'll be out that day.

My $50 discounted trip for two passengers is still wide open for March firsts re-opening of Speckled trout. If you want to "save" I'm giving this as an opportunity. March 1st is a Sunday.

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