Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2/17 - Opening Day!

2- passengers max. 6 hours of fishing.....Trout fishing that is. MARCH 1st Sunday or March 2nd Monday, as a back up weather day. ADVANCED RESERVATIONS ONLY, (days in advance)

...huntin' those waskily gators,
we always catch other species too.

Discount$50 I know times are tuff, you don't have to tell me! But don't deprive yourself from the basics...and that's FISHIN'.

Reservations: http://www.captdaves.com/Policy%20Page.html
** with submission that policies were read & $100 advanced deposit via Google Check out.

SAVE $ and book your trip for the re-opening of Speckled Trout.

From March on out, is the start of some serious fishing. BIG Sheepshead, Black Drum... Boxing some speckled fatties, having some fish fries.

(Hopefully) By then you'll be fishing with brand new 8' Biscayne float rig trout rods, squeeky clean, smooth as butta Shimano Citica low-pro reels with fresh Suffix 30# Performance Braid.
(waiting on the rods) A mix of ole school, with high tech.

It's taken awhile to get what I wanted, but the perfectly matched tackle for what I do, has been achieved. From a 20 pound Redbass to a 2 pound Trout. and everything in between.

E-mail me: charter@captdaves.com ASAP, to let me know your interested in the Trout reopening discount. Then, head straight to my polices/reservation page.

The Dave K. family from last year on March 2nd. We didn't Trout fish, but we had big Sheepshead, and Black Drum on a 1/2 day falling tide. It was a great morning!

Here's an oldie but a goodie from early March
in my old boat. What a day this was.
All Jetty -Trout!!

(note: all trip balances are cash. Dollar bills only, no checks)

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