Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/27 - Nasty....

Had (5) people aboard and out for a bottom fishing trip. Looking for a BIG Red, a Drum, a big Sheeps, on that new moon tide.

Current & wind and heaviness, made it so I couldn't even anchor on any of the deep hard bottom spots, I usually fish. Anchor bounced like it was being pulled across blacktop!!!

It was gusty, cold and overcast.

Fish? Don't even ask.

Next few trips....I only have 2 passengers. "Have float-rig & jigging combos, will travel."


sent this photo of what it looked like out there, to our locaL FOX NEWS station's, Mike Buresh the meteorologist, he explained to me what we were seeing out there.
He replied, "Good stuff, Cap! Those are mammatus clouds. I received a photo from a viewer Fri. & noticed them myself. Mammatus is latin for "udder" -- use some imagination!!These clouds most often appear on the under side of the anvil of intense thunderstorms. In Fri's case, they were the anvil ahead of a thunderstorm complex in the Panhandle. I imagine the fish were skitish perhaps because of the falling air pressure? -Here's to some better fishin'!"
It did rain and blew even harder after I got home, cleaned up the boat while eating dinner.

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