Monday, March 30, 2009

3/30 - NICE...

Had the Taylor B. crew on board today. And after yesterdays huge amount of wind I was really worried. I need a day that's seems like it's been so long since I had a charter when it wasn't blowing.

The forecast was 5-10 from the N.E. at first, then it switched to NW. And as we sat at the jetties this morning yes, it was N.W. with a light breeze, then later it turned to the N.E. But it was light, so it didn't hurt anything I had planned.

Things started out slow, but got better as the tide flooded in. The water was sandy looking at it should have been after all that wind we had. Cleaner water could have helped the Trout fishing. But we eventually got what we came for. A box of Specks and some Yellowmouth's. The best Trout was Keith's (hope I remember his name right....I'm bad with names) He nailed a fat 21 incher just as the tide and current got really right.

Taylor has float-rigged with bait casting tackle with me once before. But Charles and Keith haven't. And they sure picked it up well and fast.

The Specks and yellowmouth's kinda came in waves. We'd get a good rally of fish going and then nothing. I believe the fish were on the move and not hanging around, to long. Then, we'd get another wave come by.

We made a few moves. Added a few here and there, and only had one throw back small one all day long. But still, I was hoping to find the "nest". Which means action for hours. But believe the dirty water may have played a big part in no "nest" today.

So as the tide got high, we made a move again. I told the guys, we're moving to a Redfish spot. And believe it or not, it's all about high tide and the spot you get your by. And 5 minutes after being there, Keith sets the hook on a 22 inch Redfish, right after I tossed a jig out and hung a Sheepshead.

The current the died off, and it was time to eat a sandwich, so as we did that we travelled part of the "rip" that was forming on high tide, I don't see many distinct rip lines on high tide very often. But we checked a couple hundred yards of it, just to see if a Tripletail might be hanging out on it.

Time to step it up a notch. So we hit the north rocks and tossed jig-n-shrimp combo meals.

Again, HOT ROD Kieth set the hook on a Sheepshead. We stayed at it for a bit, but that's all the guys caught out of the spot. I was thinking, "more Redbass" myself.

All day out towards the "chum hole" sat a big sailing ship anchored up. And I mean BIG.
So I had to try and get a photo of it.

It was a good day, nice weather, and a good group of guys.

Next up will be Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - fishing the Redfish spots Tournament with clients, and then Monday and Tuesday with the Robinson's.

Lots of good it's "time to make the donuts", aka: cleaning the fish.

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