Thursday, March 5, 2009

3/5 - AWESOME!

Wouldn't ya know it.....someone does pay attention to the weather report, and then takes advantage of a BEAUTIFUL DAY.

And that man is Tim A. visiting his mother here in J-ville from the Tampa area.

He called me as I sat thinking about going whackin' a few fatties myself today.

I'm more than eager to press the custom "float-rig" rods I had built into service. I wanna wear them out. On Trout and Reds, of course.

So I met Tim at the boat ramp at 0700 hrs. And we made a B-line to a hot spot which DOA Rob and myself were discussing just the day before. Because it's all about the falling tide. Rob whacked the Trout on the DOA shrimp there to the tune of "dozens", so I know they won't turn their noses up at a lively shrimp on the float.

And 2 minutes after the anchor line came tight Tim was on his first Trout. It was I.G. (instantaneous gratification) all the way!

And here's where we boxed almost a limit of 5 Speckled Trout each at 15-18" , and 14"-18" Weakfish.

We stopped short of our limit just in case we caught a few monsters later. Because we still had 5 more hours of fishing to do! And we still had a whole bunch of throw backs. Talk about a Trout RIOT!

I was so busy I didn't take that many photos, plus I couldn't because of the areas we hit.(confidential) But, the day was fish everywhere we went except for maybe two spots that were strictly experimental try-outs.

Then, we went and actually tried to catch a Redfish for the cooler. I've been getting alot of "pup" size Reds. And Tim and I caught just that, a bunch of puppers Reds.

No matter where we went, the Reds were all the same size. I guess I'll have to go to the rocks at the jetties to get us a big Red. (I hope)

Because Tim called me when I got home and wants to book me again tomarrow. (Friday)

In between catching the Reds, we caught more and more Trout. They were everywhere!!

And we had so much fun just pulling on fish after fish every almost spot we went too.

We stayed inshore, because even when we were in the river the wind did pick up a bit and there was still a chill in the air. So I could just imagine what it was like at the jetties.

So we ended up easily with our Speck limit, and seven yellowmouth. Released a dozen pup Reds.

And I'm guessing we caught at least 40 Trout total.

We caught fish the entire incoming tide, and by the time the tide got high, that's when things faded at the slack. Tim learned alot and was really fun to have aboard.

Like I said, we'll be trying it all over again tomarrow. So stay tuned.....

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