Saturday, March 7, 2009

3/6 - Not a re-run

Had Tim A. aboard again for a second trip. So we left out about the same time as we did yesterday. And I figured it would be best to go to the same spot we started at yesterday and fill the box with some Trout right away. Maybe, just like yesterday get just shy of a limit or two of Trout, and then move on to hunt bigger ones.

It was a beautiful morning, warm and sunny. And right away we started catching yellowmouth Trout and Specks. Most of the Specks were smaller than yesterday, but the yellowmouth were ferocious, and good size. The tide would be low around 11am, but here we were, and it was 8am.

We had a few hours till the tide got really low, when the Trout should really be chewin.

As we sat anchored, the sun got HOT, and man did it seem like it was going to be one fantastic day, weather wise. Warm, slick calm and no wind.
But that was going to change.....

So with some fish in the box we moved on. In hunt for a larger Redfish for the cooler, and some larger Specks. But, as the morning wore on, the wind picked up. And that warm sunny feeling went away.

We worked the jetties for a few minutes at two spots. And I just wasn't getting a good feeling in my gut about either one. The wakes at the first spot were incessant, and there was no current at the second spot. And everywhere else I wanted to fish was covered up with boats.

The air, the breeze, the water, it all was colder out there anyhow. I've had my fair share of cold this week. "I was out on Monday and Tuesday!!!" I just couldn't take more cold. Someday the jetties will warm up and spring will sprout warmer water temps.

So back to the river we went. And that's when the wind started blowing BIG TIME. The jackets stayed on, the hoods went up, and Tim and I were both wondering, "where the hell is that 80 degrees??"

I told Tim, "that forecast is for the west side of J-ville, in a Walmart parking lot!"

We ended up working our way up river and as the tide slacked went what seemed like hours without a bite. The wind was "bucking" the tide, everywhere we went. Which is not a good thing.
We finished up on one spot that the wind was so strong, it overpowered the incoming tide so we were pushed forward on anchor, constantly. Never laying in the current. Talk about a hassle, as the bow swung all over the place.

But we did pull a few pup reds, 4-5 small Trout, and one good keeper out of this spot.

We didn't limit out on Speckled Trout, and almost limited on Yellowmouth. And overall struggled after the wind came up.

Certainly not a re-run of yesterday's waylay of Trout along with some pup Reds. And Tim said he had enough fish after yesterday so whatever we had in the box was mine to keep.

Which was nice of him. Because I have no fish in the fridge, and sure needed some.
It was one heck of a week. From two days in the burning cold wind with 4 guys each trip, to milder temps with one guy for two days.
Everyone had a blast, and learned alot I'm sure.
Let's see what this week brings. So far March has had no lack of interesting weather, and fishing conditions.
But if things are right.....the Trout are certainly out there.

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