Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stereo typical, March. Some what.

Looks like March is maintaining the stereo-typical pattern.
And from years and years of notes, that pattern is EAST winds.

Anything with east in it....NE, SE, and just plain EAST.

There's two wind directions that are tougher to fish in the Mayport area, for me at least.
Due West, and due East. But I'll take West over East.

If I look back in the archives from March last year, I see the same thing that's going on right now.
The later in the month, the windier it gets.

So, thats where you come in. If the forecast looks good. And you want to go.
Then get with me ASAP!
There's now only 4 more Monday's and Tuesday's left in March, and no one has yet to take advantage of the $50 off for two passengers.
There's (2) transitional times of year in N.E. Florida. First is around Thanksgiving, the slide into winter. And the second is Easter, the slide into summer.


I get asked all the time about how to tie the sliding stopper knot when using the float-rig.
Well, here's one version.
You don't have to buy those "knots on the tube" you can tie your own out of a very thin nylon string. Or even use 20# mono, if you're using braided line. Mono, won't last all that long versus the thin nylon string, though.

Here's another one, that's easier to understand and see. I usually just use this one myself.
If you can't find the perfect nylon string to make your own stopper knots.
Check out Du-Bro tackle here:
I found some spools of this thin string on Ebay once and bought a few spools. To just have.
Some people prefer those tiny rubber bands that are used for kids braces. I've never liked the rubber bands myself. Braided line cuts them real fast.

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