Saturday, April 4, 2009

4/ 3&4 - Invasions & Changes, daily!

Had Chris B. and his father out in some really bad winds on 4/3 - Friday. Before I even left the dock, I had a feeling that this would be a really tough one. 20-25 knot winds from the west was no good.
Here's what the flag looked like at the Marina next door to the boat ramp.
They call that
"standing at attention!!"
We went to the jetties, yeah like that was gonna
work. But just 24 hrs earlier, as you can see in
the 4/2 report.
It was one good day out there.

Needless to say my anchor wouldn't even hold in those winds. So we ended up catching some Blues, some small reds and trout. And man did we have to work for those bites, even. And in the ICW Chris caught the years first Jack Crevalle.

Then on 4/4 - Saturday, I had Chad P. and his father aboard. It was the Redfish spots tournament and I was entered in it. I was originally just going to fish with my dad. But business first. So Chad booked the day.

It was cold in the morning, with a 10 knot North wind bring down the chill.

We fished the jetties. And I thought the Bluefish were "Vermin" in the river, well the jetties takes the cake. Bite after bite was nothing but Bluefish. We lost bait after bait and hook after hook. They were so thick, it was like nothing I had ever encountered before.

On 4/2, the Bluefish ran us out of the jetties, and stopped the bite of nice Reds that we were into. But today, the only bites were the Blues. So as the tide was still falling we worked our way up river and everywhere we went it was exactly the same thing. More Bluefish.

Literally, it's an invasion of almost "epic" proportions!

People were everywhere, so we just went back to the jetties, and waited for the tide to slow up and hopefully change SOON! As we float-rig fished, we kept loosing baits to quick sharp bites all in one area. Between the Spanish Mackerel & Bluefish, this was something else. Then, we finally caught one, it was Sheepshead. They were bait stealing us pretty bad, But in between the constant Bluefish bites and all, it was tough to connect. So we got two back to back.

We ended up making a move over to the north jetty again, and connected to one more Sheepshead that could get to the shrimp in between the constant Bluefish bites over there too. But it was lost at the boat side due to probably a raggedy leader from Bluefish teeth.

I had to of gone through 50 hooks, and 100 yards of 15# leader. And all we could pull out of there was two Sheepshead and two Spanish Macs.

I've already rescheduled Monday & Tuesday due to high winds. Wednesday is supposed to be 15-20 knots from the West, and then have a 5 person charter, again on Thursday at this time is supposed to be south at 15 knots.

If I had one wish right now, I'd wish for no more Bluefish!!!!!!!!

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