Thursday, April 2, 2009

4/2- Combat fish wranglin'

Had Chris & Kyle B. on board today. Original day was yesterday. And no way were we gonna make it yesterday. That was some BIG RAIN, we had. But I was still a bit worried about today even.

When I got to the boat ramp, no flags were flying high or whipping. And the boat ramp was a perfect weekday vacant. Which was a relief.
So off we went to the jetties.

The first spot the current was really ripping and only produced one Bluefish.
And that was just the start to our battles with those VERMIN.

So we moved on. And went straight to Float-rig land.

It was sloppy, and it was choppy. But the fish are not always were you're gonna be perfectly comfortable. And that's why I have the boat I have, I told Chris and Kyle. The larger the platform, the easier it is to sit in the washing machine.

We got into some really big Yellowmouth Trout, right off. Then, I tried to re-situate us, and then we picked up a Sheepshead. I situated us right out of the yellowmouth bite!!

Damn, good deeds can be punished. I was trying to make it so the guys didn't have to cast far, but rather just drift to them.

So I readjusted the boat back to the position we were in 20 minutes before. And on the first cast was a hook up with Brutus T. Redbass.

They're Here!
Nice maxed out keeper, for Kyle.
And from here on out it was one red after another, up to 32", with two keepers.

Kyle caught a Spanish Mackerel on the float-rig, first one of the year.

And after some lengthy battles with Brustus T , we obviously stirred up the VERMIN pot, because after the Reds, the dang Bluefish were chewing every hook off our leaders. And as usual this time of year, "they damn ran us outa there!"

So we moved on to a Trout spot. And Kyle was the HOT ROD. And caught 4 in a row, with two keepers.

We finished up the day there and went back to clean our fish.

Zero rain, no big winds, perfect temp.
Great Day!

But Kyle had to get home and get to work.
Poor guy.....

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