Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25 - a little trollin'.....

Had a unique group today. Four young boys with one dad, for a late 1/2 day.
I believe they were all in the 9 year old catagory of Angler'ship.

And we sure had fun.

What do you do on a Saturday afternoon, that was absolutely gang-busters with people everywhere, as if it was mandatory to be on the water?

STAY what I say.

So I rigged up a few light rods with trolling leads and some small Drone spoons and we trolled the jetties and the rip line.

This is one of those very rare opportunities that Bluefish come in handy.

Normally, I'm not their biggest fan. When they eat all my hooks off, used to target Trout and Reds with live shrimp.

The boys had a ball as every time the rods bent over they ran from goofing around on the bow of the boat, to the stern to see the fish.

We also caught our share of Spanish Mackerel, some keepers and some throwbacks.

Saw huge spreads of Pogies, too. And I hope to continue seeing them. Because it'll make the difference between a good summer and a poor one....."no matter what you hear the chamber of commerce Captains say." With out bait along the beach, it sure can be a boring summer.

Of course, my camera is really screwed up, and I was lucky to get these two photos. I guess it's time to stop fighting it and ship it in for repairs. I could have used my new phone camera. But can't find one word in the manual about loading the photos on to my computer. (?)

Reports without big time photos for me, is like Summer with no pogies!!!

UPDATE: the military! That's now me. I upgraded my cell phone to a phone/ camera with download capability. So while my real "water proof digital camera" is getting fixed I can continue to provide quality fishing reports with photos. It only cost me about $200!!


I'm ready to get hooked up with some "butt-handers", ya know what I mean, (hopefully).
It's GO-TIME, for some Shrimp boat "Run & Gun" fishing. "Don't knock it-follow it!!"

Many people have told me they read these reports. But at the same time, have never watched the Video's I have running down the right-side-bar of this page.

I have some Shrimp boat sharkin' video from last July during the 74 degree water on that video bar. It was overcast, and really windy. But we caught'em anyhow, and had a great day.

Talk about a good day......Catch the tide right and do some Float-riggin the jetty rocks or river, then as the sun gets overhead and as the shrimpers get things stirred up, just offshore. We can head out and you can maybe join the "100 pounder club". Go from catching Trout/Redfish for dinner, to having you arms ache from big Blacktip sharks. All in the same day, and within eye shot of the shore many times. And maybe even a Cobia or a Tripletail too.

Don't cheat yourself:
-try for a weekday if you can. Less boat traffic equals better fishing.
-You'll want my "after April 1st" deluxe up to 8 hr. charter.
-Plan ahead, so I know your coming. Then, I can plan your day.

-always get the info you need, here at:

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