Monday, April 27, 2009


Went out today to just burn a few dozen live shrimp I had left over from Saturday.
Of course I would have loved to be able to fish outside the jetties...But the Ocean was closed!
You cannot tell from this photo (taken with my new phone camera w/ uploading capabilities)
But I hardly wanted to take my hands off the steering wheel, at the end of the south Jetty.

It was kowa'narly out yonder! Heck with the "bunga".

But never fear......the 26' Plate Alloy BlackLab, is here! And we're not afraid of ANY jetty nastiness.
I pointed the Jettywolf over to the south side of the south Jetty, worked my way through the slop sandwich and when I got there I said to myself, "Self, you can't anchor in this, can you??"

Then, I had a flash-back of the last time I was sitting alone in the soup. And went to pull my anchor and over ran it, because I had to do it all myself. Anchor pulling, I mean.
And pretzel'ized my trusty rough water anchor with it's 16' of chain. AKA: "The man-maker!"

So I turned around and came back to the inside of the jetties. Tried a spot or two, caught basically nuthin', and then worked my way up river for more nuthin'.....except one decent spring-time Flounder.

I saw a sad sight as I was heading west of the jetties. I was running down the middle of the channel and saw a dark item in the water with lots of commotion around it. I drove right up to it and saw a baby Dolphin dead on the surface. Looked to be a new born. The commotion was obviosly it's Mother, and she kept coming up to the baby and pushing it with her head. Just not a curious push, but rather trying to move it along. The baby flipped over and I could see the embilical cord still there. I pulled right upside of the baby Dolphin and that didn't make no difference. Mom came right back and was on the side of my boat pushing on the baby.

A large tug was heading in the direction. So I moved on. It was a sad sight for sure.

I float-rigged and tossed my MirrOlure everywhere I could in the 20 knot due east wind. Many areas I tried quickly, I never even lost a shrimp, so I went home.

It was what I refer to as a K.O.D. day....."kiss of death". East wind howling with a flood tide. I knew that!

But damn, I hate to waste good live "river crickets". So I went anyhow.

Hills and valley's, hills and valley's. Really, is that exactly what fishing is like?

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