Wednesday, April 8, 2009

4/8 - SLAM FEST!

Well...after having to reschedule Monday the 6th and Tuesday the 7th because of absolute heinous winds in the 40 MPH category. It sure was refreshing to have a beautiful windless morning, albeit the cold temps that blew in last nice.

But, I'm the kinda guy that if we had perpetual December and maybe even January temps it wouldn't bother me one bit. I almost hate to see late winter and spring end soon. Because it's my damn near my favorite time of the year fishing wise.

So today I left out with Dave M. and his son Adam, and headed straight the jetties. Ready to fish, but also ready to beat feet as soon as I saw any Bluefish.

So I set up Adam first and before I could get Dave ready to go he had 4 Trout in the box.

AND NOT A SINGLE BLUEFISH! Wheww....that's a relief.

Specks and yellowmouths as fast as you got your float in the right spot. Now, we're talking my game. And when I got Dave into the mix it was double headers coming in. I stood ready with the net doing double fish netting.

This was the fish box after being on anchor, for just 20 minutes.

Then, I said as I do many times, "Now remember, at any given time your float can disappear and you'll be hooked up to a trophy class Speckled Trout or a big Redbass ready to kick some butt".

Five minutes later Dave hooks into a drag burning, pole bending Redbass that he couldn't stop.

And this one was a serious junk yard dog on the ole float rig. We had Capt. Kirk behind us and his folks said they could see the fish up in the jetty rocks on the surface. Dave tried all his might to turn the fish and it gave just a tad. It turned and ran down the rocks deep, and that's when it broke off. WOW, what a mean ass fish. (a really big fish)

We re-grouped and caught more and more Specks and Yellowmouths, a small Jack (only #2 so far for 2009 season) and then it happened to Dave all over again. Slam-bam-thank-you-Ma'am!

Here we go again.....the reel spool spun backwards and the line whistled in the breeze. POP!
Another Brutus T. Redbass in the jetty rocks.

But that was 0kay. The trout were infesting like the Bluefish did last Saturday behind the boat.
I was so busy I barely was able to snap a photo.

90% of all the trout were keepers, which was sweet. But we did have some smaller ones in the mix.

But the action was exactly what it should have been for this time of year. Not just catching Bluefish after Bluefish. So I figure the gale force winds from the other day blew them away. And I hope "away" means to another state!

As the action slowed we moved on. But here came the FULL moon falling tide current. It started to barrel through between the jetties, and was way to strong for our style of fishing. So we went into the river and went into a close creek.

That's where we finished up catching more Specks, some keepers some throw backs. And only 2 Bluefish. That's about when the land breeze started to blow. So we headed back to clean fish, and feed the friendly boat ramp Egret.....and I mean clean, alot of fish!!

Next up tomarrow : a 5 pack. Mom, Dad, and three boys. I expect I'll be pretty whooped after Thursday, ya think?

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