Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/9 - It was a "Yeller" fest!!

"Holy smokes.... I haven't seen a bite like that for quite awhile."

Yes, it was a Yellowmouth Trout fest like none other. And I was so glad, because I had the entire Kolls family on the boat, mom & dad and the 3 boys.

(Camera was acting up...don't adjust your screen the line is in the photo.)
The wind was damn near heinous this morning.
Due southwest, at least 20 knots sustained.

So not wanting to get too close to the jetties I stayed off them, and made casts for the crew up to the rocks. And Ray (dad) agreed that 98% of all casts were instantaneous gratification!!

Before you think that these were those lil' Yellowmouths, let me correct you. These fish averaged 17-18 inches and were so full of spit and vinegar, it was unreal. Many of them ran 20 plus inches!! And I didn't even care that they weren't specks. Because I've haven't even been in a speck bite like this so far in 2009. And the boys were LOVING it!

If I had to guess, 50 of them would be a very low estimate.

So as I kept tossing, and they kept on catching, I pitched out a bottom line and all it caught was a blenny, a Bonnethead shark, a Seabass, and two clear-nosed spiney backed rays.

Yeah, we were hoping for a Sheepshead, a Redbass, or even a Speckled Trout. But the ferocious Yellowmouths wouldn't let a single live shrimp pass them by.

So after 4 hrs of filling the fish box with only monster Yellers, and after the tide died. We moved on finally. Up into the river. I wanted to see if we could get a nice keeper Speck or a Sheepshead.

And that's just what we caught.

A real nice 18" Speck, and a small Sheeps. But a Sheeps it was. So the game plan worked!

I thought I got a photo of the Speckled Trout, but I guess not. My camera was acting awful goofy today. That never happened with my 35mm Canon SLR.

So after some serious success, we headed in and I clean up a big mess of fish for them. And made up a lunch bag, so they could stop by Singletons and have some really fresh fried fish dinners out of the fish they caught themselves. Which is always a great way to end the day.

Next up: Friday, a solo angler and me. Oh, man...this ought to be a good one too.

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