Saturday, April 11, 2009

A look back....

This report blog is so sweet. I can look back and see the differences between this April and April of last year. (YES! There's ARCHIVES running down the right side bar of this Blog.) It helps that last April I did a "looking at my notes" post here also.

I believe things are a bit out of wack, compared to last year during this exact same time. No year is ever the same......Not in Bazzaro world F-L-A.

This time last year I was into some FOG. Yeah FOG, and we wore out some whopper Specks.

I believe the water was warmer too.

This was one wicked cold winter so that may have something dragging behind. But then again, other stuff seems right on time. Like the Black Drum at the jetties. Which I haven't done much of, if any..."bait-n-wait" fishing just isn't all that exciting as handing someone a rod and having them fish their float-rig all by themselves.

Here's all I'm waiting for:

I'd like to see warm water this summer. Not 74 degree water in June, July & August.
I'd also like to see a POGIE!
Actually cast net fulls of POGIES would be great!

I'd love to see the "beach" alive. Monster Redbass behind the surf, Cobia on the Rays, King Mackerel piled up in the S.E. Hole, along with a few close-in Sailfish. Tarpon and Sharks roaming the inlets and beach.

I remember going south to the Red Tops off Ponte Vedre , and trolling dead Cigar Minnows years ago and catching huge Spanish Mackerel (28 inches long) by the dozens, doing a 1/2 day charter!!!!!! Who the hell needs King Mackerel when ya have schools of eager Spanish chewing and jumping out of the water???

Opps, there we go again. It's all about them Pogies!
KEEP YOUR.........

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