Friday, April 10, 2009

4/10 - Slammin in the slop

Had Josh P. aboard as a "solo'ist" today. Had really no idea that it was going to be as sloppy as it was. It actually turned out to be just like yesterday, instead of a 20 knot SW wind, it was a 20 knot SE wind. Damn, the Ocean hasn't received much of a break in the last few days, at least it hasn't at the jetties.

Josh was dead on time and we flew on out to the rocks, so we didn't have to work around others. Got into position for a slam fest of monster yellowmouth Trout, and maybe a few Reds? And was surprised that it actually took both of us a 1/2 hour or so before we found the proverbial "nest".

But when we did, they weren't the big ones we had yesterday, at first. But as we fished they got larger. Josh wasn't out for supper, he was just out to catch fish. And I was happy to help.

We easily boxed our limit, and release a bunch more. I never turn my nose up at 18-21" Yellowmouths, even though I'm a Speckled Trout fan. Which Josh had only one Speck, which was 14-1/2 ".

Then from out of no where came a big color change in the water, a weird current that moved the boat, and a "rip" line passed right by us. I believe at high tide, that the high winds were pushing back the high ocean water along the jetty. Very strange, I don't see this much at all.

And then the bites got harder to get. So we made a move or two. If I say so myself, I surprised "me" with absolute precision anchoring in the 4 foot seas and sustained 20 knot SE wind. I got Josh right up to "Redfish rock" and on his first pitch up to the spot.............SLAM DUNK!

He hooked a really big fish, that handed him his butt. We were really close to the rocks, so the fish had no where to be but "in the rocks" as he attempted to pull the fish to the surface. But the leader broke.

"Okay", I said. "I know how to cure that." So we re-anchored and left some space between the boat and where the fish should be. This made for some wiggle room. But the next few casts up into the spot caught nothing. "Hmmmm, with all that sloppy water the reds ought to be in there." So the next fish was a Jack. Then, Josh lost a Sheepshead at the boat. Then two more sheeps came to the boat, then like a light switch the bites were over.

We had good action, then OFF.
(I've about had it with all camera's! Where the hell are these "lines" come from, is what I'd like to know!)
This is some really wacky stuff going on. But take in the fact that it was rough as a cob, and windy, I was just glad that we got in the middle of it all. And that Josh was savvy and had sea legs.

It was fun while it lasted. I don't even know how many yellowmouths we caught, it was a lot. Didn't take alot of pictures. Glad I didn't if they all would look like this one.

Back to my ole saying..."it's like Chinese yellow mustard, it's not hot it's exciting!"
Just like the jetties are when sitting in the slop and chop, when fighting a fish, pitching your float, and working your line. It's all Exciting. I LOVE IT!!

We left the rocks and worked the ole Funnel and only caught Blues while waiting for the tide to fall. So we moved on and there was someone fishing the next spot. So we ended up trying a shell bar in Sherman's creek to only get one Jack. So we packed it in and headed for the dock.

Damn, the FWC were like flocks of vultures today in the "hub", (aka: the Mayport Boat ramp to the little Jetties, and Sisters creek of course.)

Where are they all week long? Does that mean every no wake zone is wide ass open for high speed travel Monday thru Thursday? I find it so funny that they're presence is only when the fruit is so easy to pick off the tree. As it is on Holiday's, and nice weekends.

Next up: 1/2 day Saturday with 3.

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