Saturday, May 16, 2009

5/16 - Tide Running

Had a call from an ole friend Jim H. on Thursday and he wanted to take his son out. I haven't seen Jim in at least 5 years! We met many moons ago at the Inshore Saltwater Anglers Club here in Jacksonville.

He doesn't have his boat any longer, but wanted to take his son Jimmy out. I was really concerned with the tide, since I really needed as much falling tide as I could get, no matter what we were doing. And since it was a Saturday, the HUB - (From the Jetties to the ICW) would be one constant wake with all the weekend boats. I needed to get out of dodge and go somewhere else.

I was thinking bottom fishing for the Redbass, but yesterday I didn't find any Pogies. The jetties were a mess later in the day with the S.E. sea breeze. So I told Jim, get to the boat ramp early, "feet on the deck and pulling away 7am or earlier. So I can catch as much falling tide as I can."

Well, let's just say.....7am came and went and I was at the dock still.

But let me remind everyone, always be as early as you can. Especially, when I tell you your days fishing is really determined by the tide.

We made a run to go float-rig fishing for Trout and to get as far away as we could from the "HUB". And it basically worked. We were about all alone, most of the day.

On the first spot, Jimmy was the hot rod. He hardly paid attention to his float, but it went down first with a small Jack. Then, it went down again after he re-baited with a good fish. The drag pulled, the fish ran and I was hoping......and yes! It was a big Trout.

A real nice 21 inch Speckled Trout.
Then, 2 minutes later he caught another one, just a tad larger.

The action wasn't ballistic. So we made a move. Then, Jim Sr. caught a 21 incher, then a 17 incher, and then 2 throwback 14 inchers. Then the falling tide current died. We poked around, hitting a few more spots, but the tide was just starting to flood. So that was it...That was our falling tide.
We headed back to Mayport and went to the jetties and slopped around at the jetties with our last 6 shrimp. But didn't catch anything.


I've headed out to this same area by myself, last May. And was on location before the sun came up during a weekday, and yeah, the low light and cooler temps even in May, makes all the difference. This day, I was done and home by 10am.

Here's a few I caught last year in May.
I had 5 in a row like this one, last May 22nd.

Here's the 4th one.

Here's a few from the Eulberg Family caught exactly one year ago, next week.

Rachel was proud of this one!

Mom got in the action too!

I cannot stress this enough. Early, Early Early, is what you need to be, so we can to get on the spot early, to catch summer Trout. I'm almost thinking about doing dark thirty trips, departing the dock at 4am.

FYI: Just in time for the Memorial day holiday week!

looks like this may screw things up!

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