Thursday, May 7, 2009

5/7 - how small is too small

Had a trip today with two women and a 3 year old lil' girl. They requested a 1/2 day, and I said I can do as long or as short as you'd like.

I met them at 10am this morning. And went out along the beach to get some "live" Pogies.
But didn't have alot of time to dedicate to finding bait, so I gave it my best shot right along the Navy base. All the while I had some fresh dead Pogies from the day before that'll work in a pinch.

Needless to say I didn't find any, so we came back to the jetties. And right as I was cruising along the inside of the North Jetty 4 Coastie boats, a Navy ship, a Seatractor tug, and the pilot boat were heading out.

Is it just me or is the United States Navy, and their Seatractor tugs, not responsible for their wakes??

Because as all this traffic passed, the wakes had to be no less than 8 footers back to back.
I can imagine a small 17' Jon-boat sitting along the jetties getting swamped, rocked up, capsized or even worse someone being killed.

One of the women on my boat had sort of a look on her face of disbelief. I told her, the general rule is "you are responsible for your wake", but that doesn't seem to apply to the US Navy or their contractors.

The 3 year old lil' girl was sitting in the other woman's lap. And as we got into the river the lil' girl seemed to be just fine. But mom said, "I think we should just go in."
I believe they may have thought the river/inlet to be a different situation. I explained I just wanted to get fresh live baits, so we could maybe catch them a nice Red. And let's not go in but just go up river a little bit and try some fishing. She agreed.

I went to the lil' Jetties anchored up, and pitched out two dead pogies on the bottom. I've caught some beautiful reds here this week, already. The 3 year old I guess was getting a bit rammy and Mom said, "let's go in, she doesn't seem to be doing well."

So I pulled anchor and she called their ride to come pick them up. And I made the short trip back to the boat ramp.

Day Done.

The point here is, I've had youngster the same age aboard before that were boys, and man were they into it. Of course, in a 3 year old "into it" kinda way. And I've had 5 year old lil' boys outfish their own fathers.

But really, no younger than 8-10 is my rule. And 10-12 for an all day'er.

I don't frown on taking the kids. I just had four nine year old boys on the boat back on April 25th and we had a blast trolling for Spanish Mac's and Blues at the jetties and along the rip line outside the rocks.

I tell people all the time, I have a (2 hour) kids trip posted on my rates page. Especially for the real little ones. That's kinda what we did today, but when it was booked they requested a 1/2 day fishing.

Each day is different, a different challenge, different people. It keeps you on your toes for sure!!

Oh well.......onward I head.

Please think NOW, if you are thinking Memorial day week. Plan ahead, reserve in advance.
It makes for a happy cappy, because I will be planning for your day.

2- guys, 8 hrs. One never fished in Saltwater before.
No holes barred....Full Moon.......the challenges never end, do they?

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