Saturday, May 9, 2009

5/8 - Super Fun.....and trying a new product

Had Miles C. and his father-in-law Dick aboard the Jettywolf, for a day of river/inlet Redbass'n.

I'm not even gonna attempt to describe all the aspects of the day we had. Because Dick just sent me some great photos that they took with their camera.

But after going to get Pogies behind the surf, which was a two toss situation to get all we needed.

We went straight to the jetties. Miles was up first and had a nice big Red on. But then again, the fish acted went from fighting like a normal 30 inch Redbass, to a turbo-matic Redbass running out to the channel........OPPPS, Miles found out what happens if you don't get them to the boat quick enough in the summer time!


Bite straight off behind the head!
JAWS, plays no games.

(gotta love it)

It was a great day, and we had loads of action, from Redbass to big Bluefish jumping behind the boat to Jacks playing with our Pogies like Cats with a mouse.

Dick was estactic!

A KEEPER sized Redbass is "not" the norm...most are larger than 27".
We had one "keeper".

My new "TGT" - Tournament Grade Tackle "rod riggers" worked great!

I got them to keep the rod tips lower to the water when bottom fishing the river current and for my King Mackerel fishing trolling with either live bait or my favorite Drone Spoons.

Miles caught the largest of the day, a 17 pounder that drew a jet-ski on-looker that had a Blacklab Dog with him on the jet ski! I'm all for BlackLabs, but ya don't see Dogs stradling Jet ski's very often.

The guys caught some Jacks, and some really big Bluefish.
They basically are just by-catch in between the Reds.
But are fun, if they eventually eat your pogie. They do more messing around with them, then actually devouring them.

Super day, lots of action. And I guess the sharks are in close now!
Ohhh, that means someone's gonna join the "100 pounder club" here soon.


It's as easy as this:

Plan at least a few weeks ahead - Call me - Reserve on my web site - I'll give you a heads up the night before - Get a good nights rest - Show up at dock 15 minutes prior to departure - Be ready to fish!

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