Friday, September 25, 2009

9/24 - Curt from London

Had Curtis from London England, and step father Ed from Jax beach (I think) aboard, for a day of hunting Big Bull Redbass. Curtis was all for it.

Well, we fished and fished....using one live Blue Crab after another. Then, finally we got bit. But lost it to a "hook-set" on a 7/0 circle hook. Remember, never set the hook when using a circle hook. Just let the fish pull against it. AND START REELING!

So we moved away from the crowd anchored up on the first of the incoming tide, all alone. I pitched out a few fresh crab chunks. And a rod went off. Finally, crazy, wacky, super excitable. let alone entertaining, Curtis was hooked up and freaking out!

They don't have fish like this in the Theme's river, he let me know. And Curtis got what he wanted. A big fat "brood stock" Redfish, out of the St. Johns River. Ed has a boat, but it was down so they called me. So Curtis has fished the river before in past visits.

Man that took long enough....I went from a zero to a hero, finally! Curtis was whooping and hollering and just plain ecstatic. And he had the right to be. The fishing in London, just isn't the same.

Next up was Ed. Not long after Curt's fish. And being a local angler handled it like a pro.

The tide was ripping and the water was green. And no more bites, so I kept hunting. But we only ended up with 3 Bluefish and a Croaker for all our efforts. Basically a pretty tough day.
But Curtis was happy. I was frustrated, and Ed was tired. So we packed it in, and headed back to the dock.
Maybe Curtis will give it another chance his next time visit in. I'd love to have him out again, because this guy was into it!
Thanks fellas.

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