Friday, September 25, 2009

9/25 - Multi-species day in Mayport.

Had Don M. aboard again, with his sister Lindsey. Don's a regular customer and he'll be back next Friday again, with his dad visiting from Pa.

We stopped in along a rock bank this morning. And I did a survey drift with my float-rig. And on the first shrimp of the morning I had a big Trout hooked up. Head shaking, pulling drag, and then the fish busted the surface, I saw it....then it got off. Damn!

This was after we tried outside the jetties along the rip line for big Reds with crab baits. We soon left to go float-rig fishing instead, because there wasn't a bit out there. My buddy Capt Randal was also out there trying it. And the same thing for him, so he left for up in the river.

I decided to hang out east of the boat ramp all day long. The river and the jetties haven't had my full attention lately. But it's about time, it did.

No Trout....but believe there could have been if we caught more of the falling tide. But Don's sister wasn't feeling good, so we took her back to the dock and Don took her home then we re-started our day, over again afterwards.

We re-tried the absolute last few mintes of the falling tide inside the jetties bottom fishing. And again came up with no Big Reds. So right there we decided, it was Float-rig fishing the rest of the day.....forget those crabs, and the heavier tackle. Let's put something in the "BOX".

So we worked the jetties.....

BIG, Mangrove Snappers....but no Reds. It was sloppy as all hell, as the incoming tide flooded in, bringing crashing waves and white water. Then, Black Margate's, with the distinct "golden eye". A Funny fish, a member of the Grunt family, I believe. But you'll never hear me "grunt" about them. Large ones in the 3-5 pound catagory will kick some butt on light tackle. I've been so into them in the past that out of 15 hook-up's have only got a handful out of the deep rocks. They clean easy and taste just fine yielding a very nice fillet.

Still no Redbass! But I have to say the fishing was tough. Even the Mangrove Snapper bite was hard to stay on. As we bounced like weebles around the boat deck. So after getting fish in the box, we moved on. I was the Ring-tail Porgie king. While Don caught the good fish.

But I quickly caught up....with the non-eaters. Because the next stop was, one small Redfish, Jacks, and Ladyfish action on the high tide. Birds diving all around us on schools of glass minnows. The tell-tale sign, teeth were below.

And every other drift of the float had our live shrimp being stolen with hardly a noticable bump.
But Don finally figured it out catching a "fall" Spanish Mackerel.

I hooked a few finally, but they ate the hook off my light 15 pound mono leader. It was really hot and the sun had scorched both Don and I. So after boxing one more Mangrove Snapper we headed back to clean all the fish.. And not one was a Redfish or a Trout. But Don still headed home with a big bag of fish fry fillets.
It was fun, and we get to do it all over again with a full days falling tide, next Friday. I'm looking forward to it.
Thanks again Don.

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